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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fat Lip

Well- it's the first for her.  But, sadly, it won't be the last.  These things just happen.

We met Kristin, Phil, and Payton at Chic-fil-A tonight for dinner.  Dinner was over.  The 2 older girls were already inside the play area with Uncle Phil......Grace and Geoff joined them.  Not 2 minutes later.....Kristin says, "Grace is crying."

I'm not really thinking anything at this point.  She's crying.  She falls a lot and cries.  Everything is fine.

And then the next few things come rapidly.....almost a in slow motion.

I make eye contact with Geoff through the glass door.....I give him a look like, "What happened?"

Kristin says, "She's bleeding."

I get up with some napkins and head to the door.  At this point I am still calm for whatever reason.  I knew Geoff was pretty shook up because he immediately spit out, "She fell and busted her lip with her bottom teeth and it's a big gash and she needs stitches."

At this point....I'm thinking a million things at once...... "Ok...she's bleeding a lot. ....  This is normal for the mouth.  ......  ok....she's pretty upset......she's bleeding a lot......ok- that's pretty they even put stitches in the mouth?'s starting to swell.......but it's not really bleeding anymore."

Geoff and I headed out to the car, leaving Parker with Kristin.  We sat in the car....called the advice nurse just to make sure that we were correct in all of our thinking....and ended up going back in for ice cream.

So all was well.  We gave her some ibuprofen and she's been acting normal.

I told Geoff....really- when I saw it....I was thinking, "Ok- it's just a busted lip."  But I think for him....seeing it happen and all of the blood, just made it a little hyped up.  And looking back- I kind of feel silly for the hype-ness of it all.....but it was a pretty big gash.....and I guess when it comes to your just always want them to be ok.

I know it'll probably be swollen and sore for a few days, poor baby, but thankful that's it's just a busted lip.  ;)


Megan said...

Bless her heart!! That does look pretty rough. Jeff would have totally reacted the same was as Geoff. I am not sure why I have become the calm one. Still scary none the less. Never want our babies to hurt!

Snider Family said...

Poor baby! Glad it was nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix!

Kristin said...

Poor Grace!! Glad it wasn't worse!

Viv said...

bless her little heart. It's so scary when they get hurt...bless ya'lls' hearts too. You are right though, just the first of many I'm afraid. Hopefully all will be minor for sure!


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