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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fabric, Play Place, & Swimming

I visited Fabric Factory a while back looking for fabric for Easter dresses.....but quickly discovered that this was more of a place with lots of fabric for upholstery, blankets, curtains, etc.  Inadvertently, I came across some fabric that I thought would be perfect for curtains for Parker's room, but for whatever reason- I did not purchase that day.  Sometimes I get ideas into my head about things....and then get them home and decide I don't like it.  So I usually do my 'test of time' deal.....where if I keep thinking about that specific thing over a good period of is more than likely that I will like what I thought I would like.  Make sense?

So I have 4 days off a week....but somehow - it does not seem so.  I am off every other one would think that I would have quite a few weekdays to get stuff done.  But I don't.  It works out to be that I get 2 days one week, and 1 day one week......that I am able to get out and get things done, do fun outings, etc.  And for the past few weeks- I have had something planned on each one of those days.  So today ended up being the day that I had no plans!

The girls were pretty good here.  They did play ring around the rosie at one point while someone was helping me.

When I found the fabric that I had did not look like much.  I needed 5 and half yards.....and the lady helping me thought it looked like maybe there was only 2.5 yards.  Uh.  To make the drive?  And then not have it?  But decided if there wasn't enough- maybe it wasn't meant to be ( I guess I am dramatic like that).  And so they got the fabric down and measured......5.5 yards exactly!  ;)

Now I just need to figure out how to make the curtains............

We had worked up an appetite and headed to the Galleria for lunch and play time.  I think Grace may have played here once before...but she really enjoyed herself this time.

Sister started getting brave and trying to climb up on her own....and go down the 'big' slides like she saw others doing.

Parker just didn't seem like she had that good of a time.  For a while she was standing over these older girls just watching them play their hand held game.

No meltdowns in public.  Which is a first, maybe?  Haha.  But Parker had a huge meltdown on the ride home.  The only good thing that came out of it was that Grace and Payton didn't fall alseep on the way home so they were able to take a nap at home.  And also- Parker was so sweet the rest of the day after having a 'talk' and some apologies (on her part!).  She just gets in her moods and I have no idea where she gets it from.  ;)

We went swimming for a bit after Grace's nap.  Parker was so excited.  I don't recommend swimming in the late afternoon here.  The water was so warm it did not even really cool you off!  (This is how, and where, the girls stood after I told them to let me take a picture of them to send to Daddy.  So silly.).

"Show me your teeth," I said.

"Look at me so I can send a picture of you to Daddy or we're not going swimming," I said as she would continually walk away from me when holding up my phone to snap a quick photo.

Poor kids.  Do you think that I am ruining them?


Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy said...

They're so adorable!!

Viv said...

No, never in a million years are you ruining them, they sure make me smile...!


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