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Friday, July 22, 2011

just checking in.

- Sweet faces.  Little sis always wants to do like big sis. 

-For breakfast.  There was about 5 days in a row where I was just not feeling the best.  Extremely exhausted and queasy.  After a lot of rest....I woke up Tuesday morning healed and with lots of energy.  So I made these. They are so very easy, pretty tasty, and honestly- pretty healthy.  1 piece of toast, turkey bacon, and an egg....all baked, not fried, with little butter.  Will definitely make again.

-We have watermelon!  There were 3, now of them was dangling from the vine, not touching the ground.....and it split for some reason.

It's kind of funny.....but Geoff had told me that we were getting some......and then finally a few days later I went out to see them....and then later that night I said, "I don't know about you, but those are the prettiest watermelons I've ever seen."  And he agreed.  The colors are so bright and vibrant.

-Our sunflower.  We finally got some seeds!  Was it worth it?  ..........


-Breakfast again.   I promise- this is not the norm at our house.  Admittedly- it's usually sugar cereal for the kids....and Geoff will make eggs with some tomatoes and jalapenos from the garden.  We throw in fruit sometimes, too.  But this morning I threw some fresh blueberries in our pancakes and they were delicious.

-Art project.  I have this new thing that I want to paint.  Grace was napping and I needed to put an initial coat of gray down on the canvas before I could move on.  I asked Parker if she wanted to help me paint my project and she was more than excited to help.  I had to get over my neurosis if not painting in the same direction....but all in all, dramtics aside, I knew it would be fine and I loved that we were doing it together.  And more importantly- she even said out of the blue, "Mommy?"  Me, "Yes?"  Her, "I love painting with you."  Worth it.

-Art project continued.  One night when we were all home, I got this wild hair and decided that it was that evening that I needed to get the supplies for my new 'project.'  And so I asked Geoff if he would like to skip bedtime and run to Michael's for me.  I told him the colors that I needed....and to find those colors.....then find said color in a lighter shade and get that one, too.  I told him he. could. choose. the colors. for my painting.  So I'm wondering excited to see how it will turn out.   (sad part is....he got all of the supplies and then I still didn't even start on it until today.....4 days later)

-Just hanging around. 

Parker lining up the paint bottles.

Pretending to drink something (not the paint....she was talking to 'someone' and 'making' something.)

Copying big sis.

 Show me your feet!

Repeating what she has seen.....

So Grace started throwing the paint bottles onto the floor one by one.  This was irritating to Parker....and Grace knew full well.  After throwing a few down she looked straight at me and laughed.....I had to laugh outloud because she's so little....18 months old.....and can already push her sister's buttons!  Little toot.

Now switching pl

 And now.....wanting to get a little closer to the action.  Do you see a pattern here?

Future posts.

If I can ever get things together....I have a few posts waiting to be published....
  • Letter of the Week : B
  • Grace @ 18 months

And a few more I already can't remember.


Snider Family said...

I am in a painting mood too, how funny! I am headed out to the store today to buy some paints and a canvas or two. I am going to (again) copy your idea and have Reagan paint them for her room!

Kristin said...

Haha that made me laugh... Grace getting up in that chair!!! Watermelon looks good!@ and can't wait to see the painting!!!!


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