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Friday, July 22, 2011


We had a good day at home today.  Geoff cleaned up the flower beds up front.  I was able to work on my 'painting'....

Had a mini concert in Parker's room singing and dancing to Sunday School songs....

We all got cleaned up and headed to the Freebirds.  And I say 'the' because, apparently, it is supposed to be the best burritos.  I was a bit skeptical to see if it would be as good as everyone says it is...because a lot of times something is so built up, that it ends up not being as good.  Anyway- it just opened here a few days ago and so we wanted to try it out.

I got the chicken burrito on a cayenne tortilla.  I actually liked my burrito better than Chipotle's, but Geoff did not (he is a Chipotle fan though....he would pick this place everytime if I gave him the option).  But I do think that Chipotle has better chips and guacamole.  There were lots of choices for burrito toppings which was really neat.  Anyway- we had a good time....and it was so loud and busy in there that the girls never got crazy themselves.

After dinner, we decided to stop by this cute little snow cone shop.

We got both girls half strawberry and half grape (pink and purple).....and when Parker saw Geoff's mango (yellow)....she wanted that one.  About 5 minutes in, I gave her a taste of my "strawberry sensation?" (I can't remember)...and she wanted to trade again.  ;)

There was a bee that kept flying around and landing right in their snow cone droppings.....and here....Parker is trying to shoo it away.  I can't believe no one got stung!  But this picture makes me laugh out loud.  Just her face.....

Grace is just waving here.....not shooing a bee.

We are tired!  Geoff more than me....he worked hard today in the heat.  I think I see an early bedtime tonight.  I had so much I wanted to do, but then after we get the girls in bed, and I get on the's like all of my plans flee from my brain.  And then I wake up in the morning and miraculously remember my long list of to-dos and wish that I had already done some of those things the night before!  Ahh....such is life.


Kristin said...

Looks like a great day!! Maybe we will try Freebirds tomorrow for lunch! Snocones looked tummy too!!

Viv said...

I'm with Geoff, I like Chipolte better too. Course all of the Aggies love Freebirds better since it actually originated in College Station. Great pics, made me smile as usual which was truly needed!


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