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Friday, July 8, 2011

3 day weekend: Turning 31 and the 4th

Lots of numbers in that title, huh?

Anyway- as I mentioned in a prior post....we had a busy and very full weekend.

I worked Friday night...came home Saturday and was very excited to have that day plus Sunday and Monday off with Geoff (and to spend together as a family).

Saturday night- my dad and Kay took us to Matt's to celebrate my 31st birthday (which was on July 3rd).  We had a really good time.  Even though the temperatures were above 100...the patio was nice due to the large fans and misters.

Parker really enjoyed running around.  We got there fairly early, so there weren't too many people there. ;)

They also had a girl inside to paint the little girls' nails.  She loved this.

And was so proud and excited to show her daddy....that she walked up to him with her hands behind her back to 'surprise' him.

I know Kay is blurry in this pictures, but I love this one of Grace (and Kay, too, minus the blurry).  They were also handing out balloons and beads....which the girls also loved.

And our attempt at getting a picture of me with the girls before we left....

That night.....I came home pretty tired.  I actually fell asleep in bed with Parker for about an hour and 15 minutes after reading books.  I got up.....and ended up working until 3am in the morning on their 4th of July outfits to wear to church the following morning.  By this time....I was feeling pretty tired....but wired.  But knew I needed to go ahead and lay down and try to get some sleep.

Tossed and turned until 6am when I finally got up and started the day.

Made this dessert to take to Sunday School because I saw it on Our Best Bites a few days before and craved it...even though I had never had it (this particular one, at least).  It did not disappoint.  (I basically baked the cookie crust....mixed up the topping....and Geoff placed all of the fruit on the top, as well, as the chocolate drizzle.  I must admit that I think he did a better job than I would have.)

I reallyreallyreally wanted to get a good picture of them in their outfits....but, of course, did not.  I still have plans to do so, but in the event that I don' they are....

From mom and Terry took the girls so that Geoff and I could go out on a date for my birthday.  ;)  We had planned to go to a movie (Larry Crowne) but seeing as how I did not sleep the night before, we decided to go home so that I could have a 3 hour nap.  Geoff picked up around the house.  ;)  We went to Culpepper's for dinner......we had never been there before and had been wanting to try it....but wanted to do so without kids!  :)

On our way home from the restaurant...we were trying to decide what we wanted to do....when Kristin called and asked if we wanted to bowl.  Geoff quickly answered, "Yes!"  Phil asked us once we were there how long it had been since we had bowled.....I'm not sure of anyone else's answer....but mine was 8 years.  We had a good time.  The guys are basically mocking me in this picture for taking their picture.

The next morning (the 4th).....we met my mom and Terry and the girls, Kristin and Phil, and my brother at Babe's chicken for lunch.  It was yumm-o!  I am actually wanted to eat that food again right now.  With a big glass of tea.

The girls actually eat pretty good here, too.  I mean- really- who wouldn't?

We parted ways and that evening Kristin, Phil, and Payton came over to our house for burgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, homemade pickles, watermelon, and cupcakes.  I snapped this photo before leaving for the fireworks.

I know you're on pins and needles {insert sarcams}....but I am going to post the rest of the 4th pictures in another post.  They were actually taken with my real camera.  


Viv said...

so glad you had a wonderful weekend. You are making me hungry for both Matt's and Babe's though since we love both places so much. However, your(or ya'lls) dessert looked very yummy also!

Our Family for His Glory said...

Those sweet girls of yours are getting so big! I'm glad you had a great weekend!

Jodie said...

1st- that dessert looks yummy
2nd- LOVE their outfits for the 4th
3rd- glad you got to eat at Babes. I would never turn that down :) I am glad you had such a fun filled (and good food filled) long weekend!


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