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Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter of the Week: Hh

Again….I didn't take many pictures this week…so here goes what I do have……

H is for Heart!

The next few printables are from Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week.

Grace has come SO far in her handwriting.  I haven't stuck with Confessions of a Homeschooler's Calendar Notebook like I had originally planned…but I have had her write her name each month.  Look how far she's come!  And I'm so proud of her.


Color matching.

Cut and paste.

I think I've mentioned before…but I am also so proud of her for how much her cutting has improved.  I know Parker gradually made these changes….but because Grace only learns these things from me…I am able to see these things greater.  And I love it so much.  When we started out this school year…she really did have trouble cutting straight lines and holding the scissors.  She'd get so frustrated.  And I did, too!  So we didn't use all of the Cut-and-Paste activities from the Letter of the Week activities at first….we used the practice cutting pages and also some 

This activity didn't turn out quite how I'd imagined because I left it for Geoff to do with Grace on a day that I was working…. and I did not leave good (READ: any) directions.  But the idea is to go around the house and count those things and write the correct number.  Idea found on The Measured Mom.

Handwriting sheets from The Measured Mom

Letter of the Week: Gg is for Gumball!

I think I took the least amount of pictures this week.  This happened before the Christmas break (maybe even a month before..ha!) and I was in survival mode a lot of the days…so pictures just weren't happening.  :)  But I want to document at least something for each week of her preschool…. just because.



Handwriting practice.

Making patterns.

Cut and Paste.

Handwriting practice pages from The Measured Mom.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Letter of the Week Ff

Not many (I know there are still a lot!) pictures this week.  All activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week curriculum.

Fish size sort.

Love this girl more than words can say.

Measuring with goldFish.

Counting fish.  She had to identify the number on the card and put that many goldFish on the card.  She does really well with counting and 1:1 correspondence.  But we are still working on number recognition.  She just still has a problem with some numbers.

Putting the number cards in order.



Cut and paste.

Handwriting practice.

Coloring the Letter of the Week bracelet.

I know I don't always give her PreK my 100%…but I do cherish this time with her.

Letter of the Week Dd

D is for Dog and d is for dinosaur craft from here at In My World

Unifix Cubes Pattern Cards from Heidi Songs


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