Friday, January 16, 2015

Letter of the Week Kk

Introducing the word 'a'.

Reading her first book to Daddy.  (free emergent readers from The Measured Mom)

Free pattern block cards from Prekinders.

Watching Word World on Hulu.  There is an episode that focuses on the letter K with Kite, Keys, and Kangaroo.

We've played this maybe once or twice before…but I've really been lacking in bringing our lessons back to the entire alphabet.  I printed this out a few years back to use with Parker…so we are getting some extra use out of it!  We used a couple of the girls' figurines for the game pieces.  You can find and print out your own The Alphabet Game from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  

We did a little Q-tip painting to practice our number recognition.  These printables are found here from 1+1+1.

And this was a very special day for Nolan because I let him paint, too.  :)

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