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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Visiting Santa 2014

We visited Santa early in the month of December.  We visited a 'new' Santa…and while there were no lines (which is what we were going for!) and he was an ok Santa….I kinda wish we would have taken the kids to the same Santa each year since Parker was 1.  Oh well, though!  The kids don't really seem to mind.  ;)

So we walked right in and got to see Santa within a minute or so.  Each girl went up to him individually so that they could talk to him and tell him what they wanted (I wish he would have let them sit in his lap, but again , they didn't seem to mind.)  They both told him the exact 3 things they had written in their letter to Santa.  

And it was Santa Success!  3 kids looking at the camera, 2 kids smiling, 0 kids crying, and a partridge in a pear tree (I had to say it).

We enjoyed our day together walking around doing a little shopping and eating Mexican food for lunch.  On our way back to our car, the train was out and we let the girls ride.  Poor Nolan wanted to ride, also, but we initially only had enough cash for the girls.  So they rode while Geoff searched for an ATM and got some money so Nolan could ride.

And let me tell you…this was the best few dollars we've ever spent!  The boy was beyond excited!

Geoff and the girls had gone down a ways to a little playground…and when Nolan saw them he was ecstatic!  Laughing and hollering.  Even the woman in the train car in front of us commented on how excited it was.  One of the best things to see/hear is pure joy coming from your children.  It really is the little things.
**It's hard to see in the picture above because we are so far away, but he is too cute with his head and arm hanging outside of the train to wave.  Sweet boy.


For a look back…




(only Parker saw Santa…Grace was almost 2 and not having it)



Parker (I feel like I look so much younger here!)



Viv said...

Priceless! (and thanks for the look-back)

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