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Monday, January 12, 2015

these days.

while i am still trying to catch up on posts from December (for memory's sake…nothing too interesting)…i thought i'd take a break and talk a little bit about what's going on now.  it's a new year…and i'm working on a new me.  i don't know what exactly got a hold of me…but around the beginning of december, i sort of got into a little bit of a funk.  feeling like i was walking around in circles.  getting little to nothing accomplished.  the flu happened and ran through everyone in our family (except Parker) for almost the entire 2 week Christmas vacation.  i started having a pity party (i guess, pity partIES).  my temper was short.  very short.  i lost my temper to Geoff and the kids way more times than i'd care to admit.

anyways…there's not a quick fix.  but lots of prayer.  and also…i have a deeper desire and longing to read more and know more about the bible.  i know all of these facts don't save me…but i want to know Him more.  better.  I've started with Join the Journey…it's a daily devotional that a great friend introduced me to a couple of years ago.  this year they are reading through the entire bible in a year and i am really wanting to keep this commitment.  i do think that a year to read through the entire bible is fairly quick…but looking forward to this foundation.  it's been so interesting so far…and just connecting the dots and the stories…the family tree of Noah…Abraham…Isaac, Jacob, Essau, etc.

the deal is….ever since i was a little girl…the only thing i ever wanted to be….was a mother.  and i am that.  to 3 beautiful and healthy children.  i have a husband that loves me in spite of my ugly.  i have it all.  and yet i squander it so often with my complaining and ungratefulness (not much different than my kids!).  i am so very grateful for all that i have, but don't always act like i am.  what's that saying?  oh yeh….'actions speak louder than words.'


on a lighter note….this past wednesday before church…geoff gave nolan a little trim.  he was looong over due!  my mom gave him his first hair cut in the summer, i believe…and maybe a second trim a few months later.  anyways…he was due for another.

so then while the girls and i were gone to church and the boys were left alone…geoff decided to do a little more to his 'hair cut'.  my baby boy doesn't look like a baby anymore!  (these next few pictures were taken the next day and i was still getting used to it)

and these were from today…

**on the table during 'school' with Grace.  don't ask!

"Hey Nolan!  Take your paci out and let me take a picture!"

Then it was a game and he thought it was SO funny.  And so did I!

in just 3 short months he'll be 2.  gotta soak up these days.

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Viv said...

Sweet girl! Please do NOT beat yourself up! Been a rough December on everyone evidently because you're not the first person who said they've had some 'pity-parties' lately. Think it's human nature. You are doing great as a Mother and a wife. Also, tell Geoff I love the haircut! Adorable!


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