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Monday, August 31, 2009


....not life altering ones in the least. But rather...Parker 'deciding' which sleeper she is going to sleep in...the one with "circles" or "stripes"???

We did not initially set out to let her decide such a thing.... because, honestly, it was decided by whatever was clean and available. But one night last week (I think she was a little over-tired)... she through a F.I.T....because she just had to wear the one with circles.

So I did what any logical mom would do when she herself was overtired........... I got the dirty sleeper with circles on it out of the hamper and put it on her. And she was out in less than 5 minutes!

So here's a little video of her 'deciding'....

Sunday, August 30, 2009 where did I put that???

The picture above is a fairly good description of what it looks like in my head right now.

Let me explain...(or...try to...that is)

I just love it when I am putting something away...something important...and I think to myself..."I am just going to put this right here so that I will for sure remember it."

I have come to the conclusion that when I say that to is really just my brain's secret code for... "Forget you ever saw this item and move on with your life."

And my brain is pretty effective that way.

My girlfriend's from college Jamie, Emily, and Kelley made me this photo montage of our college years and gave it to me right before I got married. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Anyway-...I put that video in a special place so that I would not forget. I searched high and low many a time for that thing...and I luckily re-found it when we were moving.

It was in the top drawer of one of our end tables. A drawer we opened frequently for the remotes...but never opened enough to see the DVD. Oh well.

It happened again tonight with my CPR card. I have to bring it every single semester and give a copy of it to every single clinical instructor and sometimes a secretary here and there. Not that big of a deal...I know the drill. And when we were packing at our old house...I specifically remember knowing that I would need it the first week of school so as to not pack it deep within a box for I knew that would be difficult to find. know me...tonight...the night before I need it...Geoff and I looked for about an hour for that card. He remembered seeing it somewhere...I remembered being so careful not to pack it and to put it in its special place.

But the last time I truly remembered seeing it was in the top right-hand drawer of our desk. So...with a child-like hope that it would 'magically' appear in that top right-handed drawer of our desk where it was before we moved...I opened it. And to my surprise (and relief) was there!!!! I guess we had not done anything special with it after all...and had just left it in that drawer. I don't think that was my original plan for the infamous CPR card...but all is well and that's all that matters.

My brain is in a sort of mushy state right now. It happens a couple of times a year.

However- I feel as though I am dealing with it better this time than I ever have. I think it's because I am getting used to it. I just roll with the punches. The not being able to finish a sentence because I forget my complete thought before I even utter the first word???....yeh...that can be annoying. But what are you going to do?

This always happens when I'm pretty stressed out and have a lot going on. It will pass (or at least...that is what I am hoping for :). It just usually doesn't happen until after the first week of school....

So tomorrow I am starting what is supposed to be my 4th and final semester in nursing school. It feels so good to say that. And while I am not looking forward to the clinicals and hours of studying and writing papers....I am looking forward to the end. Remind me of that if I start to forget this positive outlook by Wednesday. Ok? :)


And in conclusion...because I am already in procrastination's a funny thing that Parker said yesterday...

I've written before how when Parker changes her baby's diaper she says, "ooh-eee...dat steeks!" and waves her hand back and forth.

But yesterday...when she was changing her baby's diaper...I asked her if it was stinky (don't really know why I did, but I did)

...and she said, " jus's rainin'!"

(and just to wasn't raining...she was just making the comparison that her baby's diaper was wet just like it is when it's raining)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moving Tips 101

1. Hire movers.

2. Enlist the help of your sister and soon to be brother-in-law.

3. Have them bring Whataburger over and get so full that you are then de-motivated to do anything constructive.

3. When you defrost your refrigerator before moving and then are going to store it for 2 months....NOTE: Defrosting for more than 24 hours is not must then also leave the doors open to ensure that this does not happen. :) (yes- it's mold...the fungus among us!!)

4. Make sure that your outlet for your dryer (which is 4-pronged)...

has the same number of prong openings as does your plug (which is 3-pronged)...

before you decide to start doing the laundry.

5. Plan ahead: Buy your furniture before moving day so that it can be delivered on moving that you are not eating dinner and watching the Cowboys play like this...

6. Hire movers.

7. Plan a vacation in secret so that you will accidentally be gone while all of this unpacking and cleaning and tiredness and organizing and chaos is going on. ;)


Honestly- this whole moving process hasn't been that bad at all...I was just kind of making fun of us (except for the hiring movers part...we did for the first time ever and it was wonderful!). But nevertheless...we are grateful for our house and excited about making it our home.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We've got the keys!!

As of a little past 10:00 this morning...we are officially homeowners again!!

We're already busy moving...getting blinds installed...unpacking...soon to be cleaning...and all of that fun stuff inbetween!! I guess I should go for now! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aunt Sis and Uncle Phil....

Well...he will be Uncle Phil starting next Friday, September 4th when they tie the knot!! Phil just returned from his second tour in Iraq on August 18th and we are certainly glad to have him home safe and sound!

It's been pretty busy around here lately, but we managed to squeeze in some time this past Saturday to take some pictures.

Here are just a few (and this time...due to a time crunch...there really are just a few)....

And just take a look at this irresistable face!

And then we took a few family pictures...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

18 weeks belly photo

I know that technically every week I will be getting bigger as the baby gets bigger...but this past week I really feel like I have grown. The belly just sticks out more defined now...and even gets in my way some (like lightly bumping into something and then thinking..."oh...that's my belly!"). And yes- I know, I know...I still have 22 weeks left to go! Haha!

But you know how it is...your belly keeps getting bigger and bigger..and you start to think "it can't get any bigger!"...but then it inevitably does and life goes on. :) I'm not at that point yet...but it'll be here soon, I'm sure.

I'm also happy to report that I have really been feeling her move a lot more lately. I have felt the 'flutters' for a couple of weeks...but now they are also more defined and I love that feeling.

Which leads me to my next topic. The second time around has definitely been different...for many reasons. And in some makes me kind of sad that I don't 'get so excited when I get my babycenter email' or 'I am not reading What to Expect When You're Expecting' and that I have not even begun her scrapbook or any of the journaling that I did with Parker.

However....feeling her move...seeing her tiny body on the screen during a sonogram...and hearing her little heart beating....that does not get old. Not one bit. Life truly is a miracle. It really is hard for my brain to fathom because it is just so amazing.

Ok- I'm done with that deep, mushy, borderline philosophical talk...

Now onto the size comparison of baby #2 with a fruit/vegetable... :)

She's now about the size of a bell pepper!

Monday, August 24, 2009

our day

There's really nothing that interesting about our day today.

However- today was a day that after Parker woke up from her afternoon nap she was especially sweet. Meaning...whining and fit throwing were at a bare minimum...and she was just sweet.
Sitting on my lap...actually looking at me when I tried to take her picture...I even made her laugh a few times...she followed the directions {for the most part...remember...we are still talking about an almost 2 year old}...brushed her teeth and went to be with no fussing.

It was just one of those of those days where you aren't just so worn out at the end of the day and you thoroughly enjoyed your time together. You of those days that come around once in a blue moon. ;)

So these are the pictures that I took today during her afternoon snack. As I said before...nothing too exciting. But they mean something to me.

And I just had to sneak this one in of her sweet foot...they're getting so big...

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

the last of the vacation pictures...

It's been 2 weeks since we got back from our vacation to the beach! Luckily.. I was able to blog about it while we there (you can find those posts here, here, here, and here). And I am so thankful that I did blog about it while it was happening because by now...I have lost my spunk...and the excitement that I had then. And although I do still have fond memories...I just can't come up with it the same know??

But there are just a few more pictures (and I use the term few very loosely) that I wanted to share. And get this...I'm not even going to write anything else! I'm just going to let you enjoy the pictures all on your own!


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