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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

18 weeks belly photo

I know that technically every week I will be getting bigger as the baby gets bigger...but this past week I really feel like I have grown. The belly just sticks out more defined now...and even gets in my way some (like lightly bumping into something and then thinking..."oh...that's my belly!"). And yes- I know, I know...I still have 22 weeks left to go! Haha!

But you know how it is...your belly keeps getting bigger and bigger..and you start to think "it can't get any bigger!"...but then it inevitably does and life goes on. :) I'm not at that point yet...but it'll be here soon, I'm sure.

I'm also happy to report that I have really been feeling her move a lot more lately. I have felt the 'flutters' for a couple of weeks...but now they are also more defined and I love that feeling.

Which leads me to my next topic. The second time around has definitely been different...for many reasons. And in some makes me kind of sad that I don't 'get so excited when I get my babycenter email' or 'I am not reading What to Expect When You're Expecting' and that I have not even begun her scrapbook or any of the journaling that I did with Parker.

However....feeling her move...seeing her tiny body on the screen during a sonogram...and hearing her little heart beating....that does not get old. Not one bit. Life truly is a miracle. It really is hard for my brain to fathom because it is just so amazing.

Ok- I'm done with that deep, mushy, borderline philosophical talk...

Now onto the size comparison of baby #2 with a fruit/vegetable... :)

She's now about the size of a bell pepper!


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Your blog is your scrapbook with baby's Garrett's anyways. Yesterday while going through my purse, I found the little bag of hair from Garrett's first hair cut. Jackson's was placed on the perfect little page of his baby book as soon as we got home from getting his first hair cut. Not the 2nd child however!
You love them equally, but things sure change!!

Kristin said...

Your belly has grown for sure!! And only will get bigger :) I know it never gets old seeing them in a sono and feeling them move! I agree it is all a miracle and so amazing!!

I can't wait to meet my new baby niece!!!

Viv said...

Life is truly an amazing miracle! We celebrate all of them equally, just in different ways...

Our first grandbaby turns 10 on Friday, remembering how very excited we were, but then think about Jack, #8 coming in merely a few weeks and we are very excited still. Like I said, we celebrate and love them all. Love you too Marla. Aunt "B".


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