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Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is just really neat! (or at least...I think it is...)

I recently found this blog called No Biggie. She has some neat ideas...she sometimes has a Wishlist Wednesday or Quick Tips or Friday Favorites. Anyway- through this blog...I found this website called Poladroid...and it's this free application that you can download and it transforms your pictures into 'polaroids.' It's so simple and I think they're too cute!

I'm not sure how it is on a PC...but on a mac...when you open up the application a large polaroid icon pops onto your screen...and you simply drag the photo that you want a polaroid to be made of...then it makes the noise that a polaroid camera makes when you are snapping the photo...and then- even on the screen you wait while the photo finishes...just like a real polaroid!

Ok- I've gushed enough. Here are a few examples...I was limited on the pictures that I had to choose from since I am on my laptop...but you get the idea.

(and the reason this next photo is really, really green is because it was originally a black and white photo)

1 comment:

Viv said...

I think it's a very neat idea too!


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