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Sunday, August 30, 2009 where did I put that???

The picture above is a fairly good description of what it looks like in my head right now.

Let me explain...(or...try to...that is)

I just love it when I am putting something away...something important...and I think to myself..."I am just going to put this right here so that I will for sure remember it."

I have come to the conclusion that when I say that to is really just my brain's secret code for... "Forget you ever saw this item and move on with your life."

And my brain is pretty effective that way.

My girlfriend's from college Jamie, Emily, and Kelley made me this photo montage of our college years and gave it to me right before I got married. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Anyway-...I put that video in a special place so that I would not forget. I searched high and low many a time for that thing...and I luckily re-found it when we were moving.

It was in the top drawer of one of our end tables. A drawer we opened frequently for the remotes...but never opened enough to see the DVD. Oh well.

It happened again tonight with my CPR card. I have to bring it every single semester and give a copy of it to every single clinical instructor and sometimes a secretary here and there. Not that big of a deal...I know the drill. And when we were packing at our old house...I specifically remember knowing that I would need it the first week of school so as to not pack it deep within a box for I knew that would be difficult to find. know me...tonight...the night before I need it...Geoff and I looked for about an hour for that card. He remembered seeing it somewhere...I remembered being so careful not to pack it and to put it in its special place.

But the last time I truly remembered seeing it was in the top right-hand drawer of our desk. So...with a child-like hope that it would 'magically' appear in that top right-handed drawer of our desk where it was before we moved...I opened it. And to my surprise (and relief) was there!!!! I guess we had not done anything special with it after all...and had just left it in that drawer. I don't think that was my original plan for the infamous CPR card...but all is well and that's all that matters.

My brain is in a sort of mushy state right now. It happens a couple of times a year.

However- I feel as though I am dealing with it better this time than I ever have. I think it's because I am getting used to it. I just roll with the punches. The not being able to finish a sentence because I forget my complete thought before I even utter the first word???....yeh...that can be annoying. But what are you going to do?

This always happens when I'm pretty stressed out and have a lot going on. It will pass (or at least...that is what I am hoping for :). It just usually doesn't happen until after the first week of school....

So tomorrow I am starting what is supposed to be my 4th and final semester in nursing school. It feels so good to say that. And while I am not looking forward to the clinicals and hours of studying and writing papers....I am looking forward to the end. Remind me of that if I start to forget this positive outlook by Wednesday. Ok? :)


And in conclusion...because I am already in procrastination's a funny thing that Parker said yesterday...

I've written before how when Parker changes her baby's diaper she says, "ooh-eee...dat steeks!" and waves her hand back and forth.

But yesterday...when she was changing her baby's diaper...I asked her if it was stinky (don't really know why I did, but I did)

...and she said, " jus's rainin'!"

(and just to wasn't raining...she was just making the comparison that her baby's diaper was wet just like it is when it's raining)


Viv said...

She just gets smarter everyday doesn't she? Sweet girl. Good luck and happy first day back at school for your last semester. What an accomplishment!

Kristin said...

That made me laugh.. Parker is so smart!!!! I love that little girl!!


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