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Friday, August 14, 2009

how to quilt...

I realize that the title of this post may be that- when you read something that says, "how to quilt" think that what you are going to read about is just that..."how to quilt."

But.......that's not what you're going to read about. ;)

Soon after I found out we were expecting this little one...I saw this blog...and immediately thought to myself, "I can do that!"

Funny thing is...I can't sew. But my mom can. And my granny. And couldn't I learn how to sew a few straight lines together?? Sure I could! Besides- what I learned with Parker's bedding was that we didn't really use anything. We did have the bumper on for a while...and we did use the diaper stacker...but we never used the was really thick and not soft at all (even after being washed)....I didn't even use the mobile that matched it. So you really only saw a plain pink sheet. What's the point of spending all of that money? Making my own quilt would turn out to save me money....right??? And I could just see us using a quilt more...I love sleeping with quilts!

Then the first trimester happened and I wasn't feeling myself. Then life happened and I was lazy. And I am... 2 weeks before I go back to school- and I am trying to go down my list of things that I wanted to accomplish for the summer...and mind you- that list is still quite long!

Oh- and somewhere along the way...I decided that I was also going to make Parker a quilt for her new big girl bed. ;) I have the best ideas don't I? (why do I do this to myself??)

The deal is...this has turned out to be a much larger feat than I had imagined.

About a month ago I went to Hancock Fabric and picked out several things that I liked...that I 'thought' might go together. But I ended up getting all different kinds of fabric...when now...after doing a little 'research'... I think it would be best to just have all 100% cotton fabric.

So then the internet searches began....looking for patterns...looking for quilt kits...trying to learn the quilting lingo like "fat quarters," "jelly rolls," and "layer cakes." I'll tell kind of makes me hungry.

I don't exactly know exactly what I want the girls' quilts to look like...but I think I'll know when I see it. And today- I feel as though I have gotten the closest to making a decision as I have since this whole journey started. (I mean- you'd think this was life-altering or something...I'm so dramatic!)

So here are a few of the patterns that I am considering for the baby's quilt...

(on this next one...I'm looking at the one on the left with the rectangles)

..and this next one is really cute, too...this first picture shows the front... (instructions for this quilt are found at The Moda Bakeshop at this link...I am really loving all of the ideas from this site! Ummm...this could be a bad thing)

...and here's the back...

And then this is the type of pattern that I think I am looking for for Parker's twin bed quilt. But I'm not 100% sold. I was kind of imagining big sqares and rectangles...and I guess I could make my own pattern...isn't it just math?? (I really do know that it's probably not that easy!) (this quilt was also found at the Moda Bakeshop)

Now- mind you...the pictures above are merely of the patterns that I am kind of interested in. Then I have to find the material. And I tried once before to just go look "free-handedly" at the fabric store...but I'm thinking now that if I could find a set of fabrics that are already meant to go would help me out a lot! I need the guidance!

And here are some fabrics that I think I kind of like... (these fabrics are by Moda and found at )

with this one being my least favorite...

...and I can kind of see this one in Parker's room...

...and this one in the new baby's room. But is it too formal looking? Sometimes it's still hard for me to imagine how it will look...

So we'll see! This is just the beginning. I would love any comments/suggestions that anyone can offer!

And....Geoff doesn't think I'll do it. Doesn't he know that's just fuel for my fire??


Viv said...

Bless your heart Marla, you are just too good.

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

I really like the fabrics you posted towards the end. I don't think the one for the baby is too formal at all. I really like it! The one for Parker reminds me of her!


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