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Friday, August 7, 2009

while the 'kids' are still sleeping...

....I thought I'd post another video. After we got here and checked into our room...we quickly changed into our swimsuits and were out the door! We were going to go to the pool first...but ended up at this playground instead. Parker (and really- all of us) had a really great time.

I thought this was soooo funny and laughed so hard I cried. I realize to others- it might not be as funny....but I thought I'd share anyway. Oh- and you need the volume for the full effect!

(Also- I am having problems uploading my videos to where they keep a better resolution. They look great when I initially download them to the computer...but because of the format, I have to switch it to 2 different formats and because of the size of the file, it is compressed {I think this is the correct terminology} for the web and loses its quality. So...hopefully one of these days I'll figure it out....but until then...please just bear with these horrible quality videos. Thanks!)


Kristin said...

Freaking hilarious... I laughed hard too!!!

Kristin said...

I keep watching it over and over and laugh out loud... Payton is enjoying watching it too!

Viv said...

Me too. I've watched it two times. I'm actually still at work and don't have a sound card in my computer so had to go view/listen to it on another computer. I'll have to watch it again with both better viewing and sound when I get home. But it was just too very cute! She surely has a mind of her own doesn't she? Good for her though huh?


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