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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

23 months

Today- Parker is 23 months old. That's 23 months, meaning...that in exactly one month...she will be 2. That's 2, as in....two, dos, deux (is that spelled right?) in...not 1.

I am sort of excited about the approaching birthday, in that, it feels like I am lying to say she is 1...eventhough she is. Because she has grown so much...physically, mentally, and emotionally, in the past 11 months...that saying "1" just doesn't seem right. I mean- she's definitely acting more like a 2 year old....if you know what I mean!

So anyway- I haven't done this since she was like...8 months old or something...but lately, she has just been amazing me (well- really us). I don't think she's really doing anything special or out of the ordinary of other kids her age....but to us- it is new and exciting and our baby is growing up! So I wanted to post some of the things she's doing these days so that I would remember...because I know that I would forget it otherwise.

-When she is almost done with her cheerios (that yes, are in a bowl of milk and are now soggy)....she starts taking them out one-by-one and 'counts' them. It's usually something like this- "onnnne... onnnnne...five!... six!... seven!" Uuhh- her voice is so cute I just want to box it up! And I have tried to get video of such things as her 'counting' but the camera becomes too much of a distraction for her. Oh well...

-She still likes to watch Word World....I try to only let her watch it once a day...right before naptime. But Elmo's World is also another favorite. And she has even started (within the past couple of weeks) 'singing' "la,la,la,la,la,la" and sometimes some other jibberish...and I say 'singing' because she is doing something (I can't really write it in words because it's too hard to explain) different than just 'talking.'

-When she wants me to hold her...she comes up to me...holds her arms up, lightly touching my legs (there may also be some bouncing involved on her part, depending on how quickly I respond to her request)...and says in her sweet, little voice, "I hold you? I hold you?" I'll tell you...this absolutely melts. my. heart. Don't really know why it does, but it does.

-She repeats just about everything we say. And I do mean...everything.

-I think it's just her vocabulary, in general, that she amazes us with daily. I want to venture out on a limb and say that she says something new everyday, but it's really just too hard to keep up with...and I don't want to be lying. Same with her sentences...she is making her own more and more (complete and incomplete). A few examples (for the sake of my memory, or lack therof, in this case):
  • "Dey {they} are watching TB {TV}!";
  • "Elmo watch on TB!";
  • "Shirt on!" She points out rather frequently whether or not someone has a shirt she does with shoes, as well??
  • "I am smart!" followed by her smiling and clapping at herself because her daddy tought her to say that. Don't worry...I think I nipped it in the bud (can I say that?)...I told Geoff we did not want her to be arrogant and that it was not funny....he says it's good for her to be confident...I told him there was a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I think he agreed?? (or was this a battle I only won in my head to make myself feel better? hmmm...I'll get back to you on that.)
  • "Sit in hap {lap}!"
  • She says, "Hello Daddy!" everytime he walks into the room. It's so cute...and kind of funny, too.
  • "Seatbet {Seatbelt} on! Seatbet on!!" She is now our built-in police officer in the car....she really will not stop saying this until we put on our seatbelts.....which is not a problem for me...I do it instinctively right when I get into the car. Geoff- on the other hand..ahem...may take a few minutes. :) Not anymore!!! Haha!
  • When we sneeze (or even blow our nose) she'll say, "Bess-you!" {bless you!} And even cuter...if Payton sneezes...she says "Bess-you, baby, bess-you!"

-When shopping at the grocery store...she loves to 'help' us push the buggy...only she wants to hold onto the handle like we do. This actually doubles the time it takes us to shop. :)

-She loves her babies...she'll feed them a bottle, burp, shush, rock, and change the diaper. Oh- and when she changes the diaper...she waves her hand over the general area and says, "Whoo-whoo... dat steeks {that stinks}! It's pretty hilarious.

-She goes to bed around 8:00 (give or take depending on what we are doing and my own laziness)..and gets up between 7:30 and 8:30 (sometimes there's a 9am in there, too!)...and takes 1 afternoon nap that I hope does not leave us for a while. :)

-Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, strawberries, strawberry or blueberry applesauce, these fruit snacks that we call "gummies" and she calls "nummies" that I almost wish I had never bought!, raisins (she calls them "hainins" for some reason), cereal, oatmeal, and noodles. As far as her least favorite's hard to tell because she rarely tries anything new to find out that she does not, in fact, like that food. Oh, but wait...I can say she does not like mashed potatos. And that's not a lie. What kid doesn't like mashed potatos? I even sometimes 'help' her by placing them in her mouth for her...she cries.

Ok- I guess that's enough for now. This turned out much longer than I had planned, but then again..... what's new?!


Viv said...

1 more month and she's 2! Wow, that time sure flew. We were with Daley and Isabella today and being the melancholy nawny that I am I was just thinking how time flies. Our oldest grandbaby will be 10 this year...seems like she should be 2...

Parker is an amazing little girl(baby because she will always be your baby). She's brought so much joy into your lives as well as all of the rest of your family. She won't ever cease to amaze you all, believe you me. Love you all, Aunt "B".

Jodie said...

Love the pictures. I love the finishing you put on them. The stories are great. You are going to be so glad you wrote all of that down. She is a doll!


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