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Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Pictures of Grace's nursery.

I realized this morning that I never posted the final pictures of Grace's nursery! And over at Kelly's Korner this morning, she is having a blog carnival on kids' rooms. So I thought I'd go ahead and take the time to take the final pictures of her nursery and share! (Now that she will be 1 year old in 3 months...but hey- better late than never, right? :)

The first thing we did Geoff did was paint the nursery. It took me a while to commit....but we finally went with this 2-toned green striped walls. Each stripe is about 12 inches. It was a little bold for me to stray away from our khaki walls, but I am glad I did.

This picture is basically right when you walk in the door. I got the wooden letters for her name at Hobby Lobby. They are normally $3.00 a piece, but I got them for 50% off. They were already white, but had some dinks and scraths in them, so I repainted the top of the letters white....and I painted the sides an eggplant color that matches her quilt (which is the basis of her room decor).

Here is a better picture of this wall....

I decorated this lamp shade with a fabric from her quilt. I had originally only used ribbon at the top and bottom, but have since made it a little more foofoo and added this beaded ribbon. {Please ignore the dust on the table. Ahem.}

We had Parker make these paintings for her little sister and I love them. It was a great way to get her involved, even though, at her age at the time....she was really just into the painting part. :) We placed them above her crib.

On this little wall is the changing table and her calendar that I use to jot down her milestones. Let's face it...we're there every day! :) I try to keep a pen handy in her wipes basket for easy access. {Please excuse the 3 year old. She was using that step stool to try and see what she could find in the changing table drawer. It's amazing what she can get away with when I am busy doing something.}

A closer look at the changing table. And I really like this mirror above it. She likes to sit up and look at herself......she can also see me in the mirror, too.....and so she does a double me in the me in the mirror.

I also made her this nifty bow holder using a canvas, ribbons, and hot glue from a tutorial found at My Magic Mom. I love how it has so much space!

That's her nursery! Ready or's done! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Patty Cake, Patty Cake!

I remember when Parker was 12 months old.....and I was getting ready to take her to her 1 yr well-visit. I had to fill out the Ages and Stages Questionairre....and one of the items stated something to the extent of..."can your child play 'patty cake'?"

I remember thinking...."Ummm.....nooooo."

I had never taught her, for whatever reason. But I did know that she could clap. And after that I tried to teach it to her, but really.....she wasn't that interested.

So the other was 15 minutes before Grace's morning nap and she was being extra fussy. I wanted to hold her off a little bit I started teaching her "Patty Cake".

And to my surprise....she really took to it! And by the end of the day....she was clapping....and 'throwing them in the pan'!

By the next day....she was even "rolling them up!"

Here is a 15 second video of her doing Patty Cake. She loves to "throw them in the pan" and is so proud of herself! We are, too!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovey's Homecoming

One day last week, we got Parker's 'new' Lovey in the mail.

Parker was happy to see her and all is well in her world now! :)

I can't figure out if she really thinks this is the same Lovey and she just "got washed"?...or if it is a 'new' Lovey.....because sometimes I catch her showing people her Lovey and saying, "Look at my new Lovey!"

As Aunt Sis says..."She not D-U-M-B." (Because we spell that word out as if it were profanity because we don't want little ears to hear, then repeat. :) haha

Anyway- she has been very receptive of her since we got her. For the first few days after she arrived, Parker would say, "She's SO pink! I want her the different pink.".....because we had previously discussed at one point how Lovey was no longer pink, but brown. :)

She would just stair at her.....noticing all of the things that were different. The cleanliness. Her fluffiness. Her pink-ness. The flower on her chest that is crinkly......I didn't even remember that because her 'real' Lovey was not crinkly in the least.

So is back to normal and this Lovey seems to be filling in her big shoes just fine.

Admittedly, however......I can't wait until this Lovey is the 'different pink', too.

Monday, October 4, 2010

in party planning mode....

We are finally getting around to having Parker's 3rd birthday bash this Saturday....and my house (as well as my head/brain/mind!!!!) are a mess! Parties may be fun to plan.....but there is definitely a certain level of stress that accompanies!

Last year, we just took it easy and just celebrated here at the was still a special and fun time....... But I am looking forward to seeing her face when she sees everyone coming to celebrate her day!


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