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Friday, August 31, 2012

a full week of firsts!

I must admit....I was feeling a bit on the overwhelmed side during the week before this last week.  I felt like we were just going and going with no time to spare.  And then with this past week...with the start of the 'new year' I was skeptical.

But I am so happy to report that we had a wonderful week.  Lots of firsts and I'm excited for our new schedule.

 I guess the biggest new thing was Parker's first day of K4.  She's still enjoying it so far and I hope she keeps it up!  This is the one time it pays off to have an early riser/morning child.  ;)

On Wednesday, I asked her teacher how she was doing...and she said she was doing well...the only thing was that she is always wanting to know what they are doing next.  I had to laugh.  Each night before she goes to bed she asks what we are doing the next day.  And she accept answers like "Going to the zoo" or "Just going to stay home tomorrow".....she needs me to break it down for her: "We're going to wake some projects...get some lunch....have quiet dinner....then play....then watch a show...then time for night-night."  And if that's not enough....she responds with, "And then what are we going to do the next day?"  Ahh!  It can make my mind spin!  Sometimes I don't know what exactly we are going to do, and sometimes I just don't want to tell her quite yet in case it doesn't actually happen!  ;)  I don't think I made her this way....but I guess I do kind of like to have a plan in my head, too.


Our gymnastics did some schedule changing so we stopped back in June for a little break.  Parker started back up a few weeks ago, but we were still waiting for a class to open up for Grace.  Poor Grace was so patient watching her sister do gymnastics even though she was not.  Well- a class finally opened up.  And since she's still 2- we had to sign her back up for the Tiny Tots class (which is where parents follow them around and help them along)....but I was really wanting her to be able to move up to the next level as soon as possible because then her and Parker could go at the same time...which would be a huge timesaver!!  So I told her teacher this....I said I don't want to push her to the next level if she's not ready because that won't do anyone any good...but when she would be great!

And oh my goodness!  She did SO good!  It's like she had even gotten better over the past 2 months not doing anything.  She did everything independently!  I was so proud.  And at the end of the class her teacher said she was ready to move up.  This made me even more happy!  Now both girls will go at the same time...and I get to just sit back and watch them both.  ;)


 Both girls started dance this week which they were both really excited about.  Parker is now in the 5-7 year old class and I think she did all right.  I tried to watch through the window some toward the end of class...but when she saw me she couldn't follow directions.  :)  So I might not be watching her for a while.

I thought after this full week for Parker she'd be worn out...but she is still just full of energy.  Makes me realize even more how she's getting older...needing less sleep...and able to do more.  (I have a separate post for Grace's dance since it was her very first class ever.)


And this is a halloween costume spoiler...but Parker and Payton want to be cheerleaders this year...and I found a good price on one at Target.  She begged and begged for me to let her try it on.  She even ran and put on her tennis shoes.  And she told me for halloween she also needed her hair in pig tails with 2 pink bows and earrings...just like the girl on the picture.  Oh brother.  So I told her this was a one time try on and then we have to wait until halloween or it will be worn out.  Glad I have their costumes out of the way though and a total of $20.  (Grace is going to use Payton's Little Mermaid costume from last year).


 And another first.....Parker is now old enough for Children's Church at our church.  It used to start with kinder...but now they are allowing the 4 year olds to come.  So happy for her.  I know she had a great time and will learn so much more this year.


life rearranged

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grace's REALLY finished!

So three...THREE years ago I started this quilt for Grace.  This is honestly the very first thing I ever sewed.  So it's kind of special to me.  ;)   I finished piecing the top together back in January of 2010...just 3 weeks from my due date.

But I even spent months before that....going back and forth over which fabric to use...and then the cutting of the fabric...and then making of lots of mistakes!

So after finishing the quilt top...I just needed to quilt it.  Easy enough?

Well- I was (am still) very intimidated by doing things that I'm not quite sure how to do.  And when I am intimidated or overwhelmed....I procrastinate.  And while I did quite a bit of reading on was still new.  Heck- I was still very very new to sewing.  I hadn't even really mastered sewing a straight line.  :)

So fast forward a few weeks ago...I was getting ready to visit my friend Jamie....and was trying to figure out what I wanted to bring to sew after the kids were in bed.  I had the great idea of starting a new quilt.  ;)  Then quickly started feeling guilty...and decided instead of starting something new- I'd go ahead and finish the multiple unfinished projects I have.  ;)

And this was one of them.  Last week I finished the quilting...and sent it home with my great Aunt Pauline to do the binding (so thankful!  I had originally wanted to make this quilt completely on my own start to finish...but I'm fine with just 98%!)

 And it is finally done!!  And I can't tell you how happy I am!

 And this gal is pretty happy too!

Don't look too close!  haha

 It's a crib size...but even should be good for her for a while.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fruit of the spirit- preschool/toddler lessons

A few weeks ago...we started going through a Fruit of the Spirit lesson.  I haven't been doing much with them lastly activity-wise...and so this helped us jump back in the groove some.  (I do have links to pretty much every activity we did, but I just put them all at the bottom of this post for time's sake.  They should all be there though!)

"But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Against such things there is no law."  Galations 5:22-23

We started out by reading this book.

Fruity Cheerio necklaces...

 Painting our fruit pages with kool-aid.  Unfortunately- we never got to cut up their painted, scented fruit and glue on the fruit basket because...even though I thought I made sure to buy the stuff without sugar...I think the name brand stuff had the sugar in it (guess I didn't pay that close attention to it!).  It was a different texture stayed sticky and never dried.  :)  But the girls had a really good time doing this regardless.  Will definitely paint with kool-aid again!

And for snack that afternoon we had banana bread and strawberries.....

We watched a few Fruit of the Spirit videos...

Then a litte coloring....

And a matching fruit-shaped game....

I let Parker do some cutting on her own....

And just this week...

When I observe them acting out any of the fruits of the spirit...they get to eat their 'fruit of the spirit candy'.  It's taking them a while to get the hang of it....but it's sparked a lot of conversation about how we are to treat people...and I am also able to call out specific behaviors that are not  showing 'love, kindness, self-control, etc."

And we are also going to chart it in their own lap book folder by using a do-a-dot .  We'll see how long we keep this up.  I don't want them to think that they will get something each time they do something that they are already supposed to be doing.  But it has peaked their interest and so for now, I feel like it's doing us some good.

And lastly- we did some sorting and counting and eating of a few more Runts.

Another great activity to do is this Fruit Loop Sorting activity with Fruit Loops.  Free printable here.



fruit of the spirit basket craft

blank fruits of the spirit to paint

fruit of the spirit mini book

Runts game for rewarding

printed out the Fruit of the Spirit lesson

fruit of the spirit video to watch- a song to help them remember

color sorting the runts for grace- and also counting with 1:1 for both girls.  grace through 10.  parker through 20; also adding and subtracting for Parker

connect the dot apple sheet


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