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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

visiting friends in waco

Last week we took a short trip to Waco to visit Jamie (best friend from Baylor).  I've posted about the early years of our

Jamie suggested we go to the museum at Baylor....which I thought was a great idea.  We have been there once before almost 3 years ago!  That was when we had TWO kids between us....just Abigail and Parker.  This time we had FIVE kids!  We were counting heads for sure!  ;)

walking up...the girls were already becoming 'best friends' as they said later during our stay (and completely on their own....we never said those words to them)
(Abby was so sweet and let Parker wear her sunglasses because Parker said it was too bright for her eyes.  So so very sweet!) (also wearing matching skirt that Jamie and I had made from the week before but I didn't take many pictures that time)

They had a special Mayan (I think) dance and then a time where the kids could get up and do some things with them.  I didn't see most of this- as Grace was scared of the people who were dressed up.  Jamie had a good idea and told her that the girl was Pocahontas.  She bought this idea for a split second- then retorted that they were scary because they had 'sharp teeth.'  Seriously- where does she get this stuff??

I was, however, very impressed that Parker got up and participated even without me sitting there with her....

Parker, Abby, and Garner with the 'Mayans'...

looking at the trains...

I can't really say enough stuff about how neat this place is. It would be worth a day trip if you live in the Dallas least I think so!  Grace loved typing on these old typewriters.  I told Jamie that I used to have a 'newer' typewriter (new in the late 1980s/early 1990s- that is)...and I loved it.  I'm sure I got rid of it thinking I'd never use it...and now I so wish I had it.  This would probably keep Grace busy for hours.  ;)

Sweet Henry...

the tornado maker (don't know the technical term)

Jamie and Henry

Grace was so sweet to Garner.  She was very into him...and 'making sure' that he didn't get into anything.

Henry didn't need help holding his bottle but Grace was so sweet to still try to help him anyways...

Love the bubble room....

the sound room....

Love this next picture SO much.  Grace was getting down in his face for just a second....and it was a second too long!  I didn't even mean to capture this, but it happened so fast and right when I was trying to snap a picture of the 2 of them...

And.....our attempt of getting a picture of the 5 of them.  Five just seems like SO many.  ;)  But seriously- SO fun.  I look back on this trip with great great memories and wanting to do it again!

And after dinner, baths, and was sewing time!  Jamie had bought some fabric...and I brought my machine and serger and we sewed (mostly her).

 Angelo made a delicious pancake breakfast the next morning and Grace was so into Henry- that Jamie was sweet enough to move his high chair next to her (not where it normally goes).

Even Parker wanted to help hold and feed him.  On a side note- Parker has asked me why we can't have another baby, and/or tells me she wants to have another baby.  ;)

Another picture I just love!

 Parker was being so sweet to Henry right here.  He was just following her around (although I think he knew where he was going the whole time! :) and she was soaking it up.

 After lunch- Angelo set up the tent and the air mattress for the kids to have 'quiet time' and watch a movie.  Our plan was to possibly rest our eyes ourselves....but yeh.... that didn't happen.  :)

this next one is a keeper!  one we'll look back on and remember...."aahhhh....those were the times...back when life was easy"....and yet- while in the moment....our 'moments' now tend to feel not so easy.  :)

After {ahem} "quiet time"- we headed to Bahama Bucks to get out of the house and have something cool and refreshing!

Love them two sitting together....Abby's feet dangling.  Wonder what they were talking about?

We then headed to Target, came home for pizza, then baths, then bed (it was a lot, I tell ya!)....and then more sewing for me and Jamie.

And her finished products:  4 really really cute circle skirts....

and this adorable pillow case dress!

 Thanks for having us Jamie and Angelo!!  Can't wait to do it again soon (if we didn't wreck your house too much!!!)!

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Viv said...

I am so behind the times, I didn't even know Jamie and Angelo had a 3rd baby. All of the pics are wonderful. Kids are all so beautiful!


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