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Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting ready for school: Haircuts

Both girls needed a good trim anyway....but with school starting for Parker this week- it gave me a good excuse to go ahead and get it done.  So last Friday we made the trip to Groovy Cuts.  And this deserves it's own post mostly because this was Grace's very first ever haircut done by someone else.  I have trimmed her hair a few times...but this time I just left it to the professionals!  (I may have to go ahead and buy some nicer scissors though and start cutting their hair on my own again.  Waaaaaay too expensive in my opinion!  I'm having buyers remorse for their haircuts and that's ridiculous!

She sat so still and did so good...

I wasn't really a fan of the moose, glitter, and cupcake smelling spray she put on her hair...but now, after washing looks so cute and curls up so well.


Kristin said...

so cute!!! And I agree, they are way over priced. But, I just told Payton the other day that she is about to get another haircut because her hair is way too long and gets on my nerves sometimes!!! I don't know where else to get one unless I let you or mom cut it!

Vivian said...

We have a place like that close to my house, I try not to drive by it so that the kids don't see it (ha!)

Its Me Again Margaret said...

I completely agree on the cost! I cut Tyler's hair because of it! A great pair of scissors will be well worth the money!

Viv said...

they did do a good job though. But totally agree that it is all way over-priced! They look so durn cute though.


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