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Thursday, August 9, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we visited Jamie in Waco and left after dinner.  I thought the girls would fall fast asleep after pulling out of their neighborhood...but I was wrong.  It took them over an hour!  Once Grace finally got to sleep- I looked back and saw that she had put my sunglasses on at some point and was hard asleep.  So funny!  ;)

Me and my baby.  (not so much a baby anymore though!)

After we got back from Waco last week- I dropped the girls off at Kristin's on our way home so that I could sneak in a little nap before going into work that night.  Kristin sent me this picture.....Grace was playing with her Barbie and next thing Kristin new...she was asleep in the middle of the playroom floor.  Bless her heart!

On Tuesday this week we finally sealed the deal and refinanced our house!  This has drug on for almost 3 months now (we started with someone and ending up going with someone else...).  We were in a celebratory mode and decided to actually go out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

 Yes- both of my kids ate 2 pads of butter each while there.  Nope-not spread on bread.  Just plain by itself.  And they would have eaten more had I not intervened.  Now- I am a lover of butter myself....but I usually eat it with something.  ;)

Very hot days!!  The older I am getting- the less tolerant of this heat I am!  Looking forward to fall days around the corner!

And last night I had a girls night with 3 wonderful women I used to teach with.  This was a special treat!

Sister dressing herself in her jammies....(NOTE: inside out!)  haha  ;)  Just happy she can do it herself!  


life rearranged


Kristin said...

Sweet pictures!!!! Love that Grace can dress herself, Payton still wont!!

Stitchingmum said...

Just gorgeous, and I can so relate to the love of all things butter (just yesterday I was thinking I could so easily serve it along with the cheese platter I was making up, lol!!)

Megan @ From Megan, With Love said...

Aw your girls are adorable! And lord have mercy, this Texas heat is gonna kill us!

Have a great week!

Stephanie said...

Too cute!! I love the inside out jammies!


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