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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Camp

As I've mentioned before...Parker starts K4 this week.  I'm excited for her...but with her birthday coming up and her turning 5 and makes it all a little bittersweet because she's just growing up way too fast.  When I first found out I was pregnant with her...for whatever reason...I didn't really like the fact that she was going to be one of the older kids in her class.  Now- I am SO thankful for it!  Glad we have one more year til the big Kinder!

Anyway- so yesterday and today- her school held a little family camp/retreat for the families.  Since we only knew one other family who is going to this school, we thought it would be good to go and meet more of the families and their kids.  We also thought this would be great for Parker.  And it was.

While we are all completely and utterly exhausted....we had a wonderful time!  We left a little early because Grace was reaching her limits (but in her defense...they were in bed late, up early, in the heat, and she needed a nap!)...but really- I do kind of want to brag on her because she really did so well given the circumstances and her age.

Geoff and I were talking about how we aren't very social people....we don't necessarily go up to people and just start conversations.  Well...Parker is definitely our social butterfly.  She was so excited about meeting her new friends and playing with them.  After lunch today everyone was still just kind of sitting around....Geoff asked, "Where's Parker?"  I looked around....and there she was....standing in a group of about 4 other girls smiling for a picture.  The things is....I think they were just about to take a picture of the 4 of them when Parker walked up...and so they let her in the picture.  Which was so nice....and Parker's face and her smile....they were priceless.

  An added bonus- we were able to spend some time with her teacher and we love her!  I feel really good about the year ahead of us.

I didn't take really any pictures, but I did want to document that we went.

Our cabin had bunk beds...this is the girls before bed last night...

And the car ride home this afternoon....

And just now...(around 8:30pm)....I just went into her room to check on her.  After I laid her down she was quiet.  Then 5 minutes later she started crying and hollering saying she wasn't tired (when in reality- so tired she didn't know what she wanted) and wanted out of her baby crib.  Well- I was putting Parker down and thought I heard her climb out of her crib.  But then she never came out.  So...

After checking on her....we found her the glider.  The saddest sweetest thing ever.  Bless her tired little heart.

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Viv said...

So, so very sweet!


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