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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

so proud

While I was working this weekend....Geoff told me that Parker basically 'read' Pinkalicious to him and Grace.  She can't read....but it is/was amazing to us how she almost knows the whole book by memory!

I wasn't here for her first 'reading'....but tonight after I put Grace down....I saw that she had placed Pinkalicious on her bed for us to read together.  So I quickly stepped out and got my phone and asked her to read the book to me while I made a video and then she could watch it.  I went between wanting to laugh (with excitement because I was so proud) and cry (because- oh my goodness- how does she almost know this book word for word??  Yes- we do read it a lot...not everyday though!)

I must warn....this is almost 5 minutes I know only a few will watch...but had to post anyway!

Parker 'reading' Pinkalicious from Marla on Vimeo.


Pei said...

Parker does the voices when she reads! Soooooo adorable!! <3

Viv said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful job Parker Ann! Loved it!

Kristin said...

She does do so good! She was trying to read it to me the other night. Payton almost has it down, pretty impressive.


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