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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We've just been going and going it seems.  I cringe to use the word 'busy'...well...because we are all busy in our own ways.  I'm hoping to slow it down a bit this week.  Parker starts preschool next week and I haven't even really had time to think about how our coming weeks will be with her in school 2 full days a week.  Perhaps this is a good thing..but still.

Next week also brings with it the girls' first dance classes and the return of Wednesday night church.  It will be...busy....full...but I am going to also try to keep us home with no plans one day a week?  ;)

I do like having things to do and have places to go....but I feel like the last few weeks have just been.... maybe a little too full.  Not bad...but my head and my body and I even think that my girls...just need some time at home.

So lately....

Our first annual family Fantasy Football draft.  I had worked the night before and so I went to my dad's to sleep a few hours before the festivities started.  I was still so tired by the time the draft rolled around  and asked Geoff if he could objectively pick my team for me...and he did.  And he says I have a better team than him.  We'll see.  Thanks hon!  (he did say that he wouldn't help me during the season though...)

Parker started back to gymnastics a few weeks ago.  It's kind of late in the day for I wanted her to have a little snack before we left.  Apples, pretzels, and m&ms as a special treat.

 Last week, we also returned to Waco for one last hoorah before school starts.  I've had so much fun on these trips!  The girls love Jamie's kids (and her)....and I love them all..... and love sewing with someone after the kids go to bed for many hours into the night.  With the girls being has just gotten easier to travel with them.  And they have a nice king bed for all 3 of us to sleep in...which makes it even nicer!

I am finally getting around to finishing Grace's quilt from 2 and a half years ago!  Almost done!   Wish I would have done it sooner!

Jamie is starting to sew her kids a quilt.  This one is going to be for one of the boys.  Love how baby Henry is just moving and into everything....

 We just stayed one night this time, but stayed all day the next day until after dinner and time for bedtime.  I was SO VERY THANKFUL that my girls slept until 9am!!!!  This happens, seriously.....2-3 times a year!  And so I was up a little before them and able to enjoy a little but of this...

I worked the past 4 days...and one of the first things Grace said to me this morning was..."Momma...wook!  Wook what daddy did!"  Such a tattle-tail!  All he had done was left the tape measure out because we are about to hopefully mount our tv to the wall.  Such a silly girl!  Love her so.

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