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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A quick pose.

 I got the camera out earlier this afternoon when Grace brought my shoes to me so that I could put them on her.  Her feet looked so cute  to me.....all little and squishy and chubby.

Then after I got a quick picture of her small feet in my shoes.....I noticed that she was being sweet and hugging on her I decided to take a picture of that.

Then- I decided to keep taking pictures of her now walking in my shoes....

Then I decided that I should move to the other side of the living room so that the light would not be behind her and maybe get some better pics.

I laid down on my stomach so that I would be her level.

And to my little ham decided to drop me a quick pose. To clarify......I merely walked to the other side of the room.....laid down....held up my camera.......and she knew what to do.  There was no talking nor coercing to get her to look at me or anything.

So she sits down....

Miss Priss.

Then.....and this was the funniest part to me....... She flops onto her belly and says "Chiz!"  And gives me this smile!   I mean.....look how her hands are placed?  They look like I posed her!  And even if I were to try to pose her.....I would not have tried this pose because I would have known that she would never do it!

I click away because I'm loving it.  And she obliges.

Before I snapped the next few pics.....I did say to her, "Say cheese!" so that maybe she would start her smile again......and so here she's really cheesing it.  (Her 'cheesing it' usually means her eyes are squinted up because she's trying to smile so hard.  I need to put together a post of just "Grace's Smiles."  They kill me.)

Maybe my favorite....

"Ok mom....have you gotten enough yet??"

I love this kid so much it hurts sometimes.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Our day and a garden update.

It's been a pretty good day here.  I was home with my girls just soaking them up.  And I'm here to tell you- it was what I needed. leaves me wanting more. 

I'll be done with my residency in less than a month....and although I am not really ready to be 'on my own'.....I am ready to get into my groove with my own schedule......take a much needed vacation (even if it is just at home ;).......and then get through the next 2 years (when my contract expires).

Moving on.....  I had intended this to be a happy post....and somehow got a little mushy and sad.

But today was a good day.  When we got up this morning.....I was not sure of our plans for the day.  Should we stay home and relax?  Should we be a little more productive?

I had found 2 neat little fabric shops last weekend and wanted to return to them for fabric for curtains in Parker's room....and the other shop for fabric for clothes.

We took our time.....ate breakfast, got dressed....and were out the door by 10:20.  We were going to go to one shop (about 40 minutes away)....then eat lunch (Chic-fil-A per Parker's request)....then hit the next fabric store.

We were about 10 minutes into my trek when I realized I did not have the double stroller in the back.  I kind of need this.....and am too wimpy to try without.  Grace is in the stage now where if I let her down...she's gone.  And I needed at least 10 minutes time to look around.  Parker doesn't need to stay in the stroller because she minds pretty well.....but she needs the 'option' of being able to sit in the stroller because if the mood strikes.....a situation like this could possibly end in a meltdown (NOTE: I am already praying about her teenage years).

So we turned around to come home....when I decided it was starting to get too late to make our 40 minutes trek to the fabric store....we should just go to Target instead.  So I took the turn I needed to take us there.  And half way across the 2 mile bridge over the lake....I realized that I did not have my wallet.  Sigh.

Although I was very upset at the time for the inconvenience of getting dressed.....getting both girls dressed and in the car....driving for about 20-25 minutes and going nowhere.  It was all meant to be.

We came home.  I started cleaning/organizing a bit.  And we ended up in our bedroom watching the Royal Wedding.  I had told Parker about it last night.....that a real prince and a real princess (I know she's not technically a princess since she wasn't born a princess) were going to get married.  And this morning when she came into our room to wake me up.....I promise....the first thing she said was....."I'm ready to watching dancing and the princess get ma-weed."

We fast forwarded through basically everything except her walking down the aisle.....and then she was really enamored with them walking back down the aisle after they were married.  I tried to fast forward through that part.....and she kept saying, "Mommy!  What are you doing?  What are you doing, Mommy?"  It's like it took me a while to hear her for some reason.

The Royal Wedding was followed by a grilled cheese lunch.....nap for Grace....and play time for me and Parker.

Grace did not nap very well....but after she got up....we headed to the nursery where I got a few more flowers for our beds, and 2 okra plants.  We have not planted okra this year and I really wanted to since it was the only thing that grew last year!

We came home.  Had dinner.  Planted the flowers in the front.  Watered the vegetables.  Took a bath (well- just the girls).  Then played.  Then Word World.  Then bed.

I took no pictures of the girls today.  And although I kept saying in my head......"You should really start taking pictures of the kids because it's been a while since you have.  And it's a good day."  But I just couldn't do it.  I just wanted to enjoy the day and not worry about it.

I did, however......get a few pictures of our garden.  It has really blown up!  I don't see the garden everyday like I did last year.....and so when I see it every few days, I really notice the difference.

I think that's Parker's sunflower....

Our pickling cucumbers.  

We have a few coming in.....

 Our cilantro coming in on the top....and the jalapenos plants coming out the sides.  I don't think they are trying to come in at all?

That big mess of  plants in the front is our squash and/or zucchini.  It is out of control!  If you'll look....the whole front end is pretty much covered in the squash and/or zucchini.  And our cherry tomato plants were growing on the right side.......until a few days ago when Geoff saved them and moved them into pots.  Although- I do not think the pots can be their permanent home  because I think they may need more room?   We'll have to see.

And this is our squash that is coming in.  I think I took about 10 pictures.  They're just so cute.  And I'm just so excited to be getting something other than okra!  Last year we planted squash or zucchini and they did nothing.  So this is progress.

And aren't they cute??

That's all folks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Been sewing.

So- it's been pretty obvious that I have been less than regular in my blogging lately.  And the truth of the matter is......I believe that we are all busy.  Very busyOverwhelmedStretched way too thin At our wit's end.  (OK- maybe not everybody.......but definitely me!)

So the point is.....I also think that in our limited time to do things for ourselves that we enjoy (i.e. read a book, surf the net, sew, blog, etc)....we have to prioritize and decide exactly how it is we are going to spend that time.

And so- for the past month or so.....I have chosen to sew.  After having tons and tons of trouble with my old (old is only figurative as it was less than a year old!)......I ended up getting a new machine a few months ago.  And I love it.  I sew better and more quickly.  And it makes me want to sew more.

I scowered Etsy looking for new dress patterns and got this apron knot pattern from Romeo & Mae.  And this was my first one to sew.  I really like how it turned out.....but can't wait until she can wear it again in the fall and winter with a black shirt underneath and her black boots.  (Please excuse the pictures from my phone.  They aren't the best, but they'll do.)

The next apron knot dress I made is below.  Only this time- I made it a shirt and added in some ruffled pants (pattern is also from a shop on Etsy, but the shop is no longer there.)

I made this pillowcase top with ruffled pants.....

I made the girls St. Patrick's day ruffled pants and twirl skirt.....and my mom made their adorable shirts!  Love it all, but a little sad that they only got to wear them once!  haha

My mom made this Minnie Mouse top......and then I made the matching ruffled pants.

Obviously- this is not the best picture......but it really does look so much cuter when it's on!

For mom made this cute bunny shirt......and it took me a while to come up with something for her to wear with it.......and then decided on the twirl skirt.

Then my mom made this bunny shirt for Parker......and since I'm a last minute kind of person.....I came home after a looong day of work and made these pants in an hour so that both girls would have something to wear at their first Easter egg hunt playdate!

 I finally finished this dress this past weekend.  My mom embroidered Parker's initials and I love how it turned out.  I think I'll put her in this on Sunday.  I think I need some new shoes for her though.  Hmmmm?

And my mom made this bow to match, which I also love.

We had our pictures taken this past Saturday (by Laughlin House Photography).....and Grace wore this for her individual pictures (they are for her 1 year even thought she is already 15 months old!!)

I made this dress for Grace to wear for our family pics and pictures of the girls together.  She ended up wearing this as her Easter dress, too.  I really like this fabric.  And I got the pattern from Heidi & Finn on Etsy.

I ended up making this dress for Parker on Saturday wear on Easter (again.....because I like to wait until the last minute????).  Although my plan for all 4 of us to coordinate on Easter morning.....we did not.  But I call it a good day since we did all get dressed up a little nicer than usual.  That counts.....right?

There are a few I have left off, but I guess this is the majority.  Now I just need to focus on not buying anymore fabric.....and not buying anymore patterns......and just using the stuff I already have!  But it gets a little addicting buying the new fabrics.....and then it's almost like after I make a pattern once....I think I need a new one?  ;)


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Both of them.

Trying to get a good picture of both the same time.....isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do.  ;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This year's garden..... (Part I)

 I started this post on April 4th and well....never finished it. So here goes.



We got this little pallet thingie. It has these dirt pellets.......where you add water.....they expand.....then you add your seeds.  We planted these on the 14th (which will be blogged about in part II)

Looking back on this was so much fun.  The weather was so nice......Geoff grilled....and the girls played.

Geoff gave Parker a piece of charcoal and she made a nice mess of it.  ;)

Grace ate about 8 strawberries.  She had just woken up for her nap and was ready for a snack....and borderline grumpy.

Her 'cheese' smile.

She started riding this not long after she turned one.....and it was so entertaining to us.  She'd run right into the fence and say "Uh-oh!", can't fit your 'jeep' through the gate.  ;)



We had big plans to expand our raised bed garden this year to doing a bit of upside down gardening..........

We bought a few vegetables when we went to the nursery.....

We got a Lowe's paint bucket.....and Geoff drilled holes in it.

Then put a tomato plant in through the bottom hole.

We added compost in our bed...

Then he put in a jalapeno plant on each side of the bucket....



I love these next pictures of Geoff and Parker.

Geoff drew out a little map showing where we planted each type of seed.......

Here is a better picture of our attempt at upside down gardening. (Update: The tomato plant on the bottom did not last very long at all because it did not get enough sun. The jalapeno plants are still alive and doing well).

We also planted cilantro on top and it is flourishing to say the least! I hope to post updated pics of the garden tomorrow (but don't hold your breath because you can see how well I have been keeping up lately!).

Geoff's map.

Anyway- once you put the seeds in the put the lid on top and place it in a room temperature place out of direct sunlight until they start sprouting.


More to come!  I know it's not too exciting....but it's our life.....and I'm trying to remember it all.....and falling short daily!  ;)


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