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Sunday, April 24, 2011

This year's garden..... (Part I)

 I started this post on April 4th and well....never finished it. So here goes.



We got this little pallet thingie. It has these dirt pellets.......where you add water.....they expand.....then you add your seeds.  We planted these on the 14th (which will be blogged about in part II)

Looking back on this was so much fun.  The weather was so nice......Geoff grilled....and the girls played.

Geoff gave Parker a piece of charcoal and she made a nice mess of it.  ;)

Grace ate about 8 strawberries.  She had just woken up for her nap and was ready for a snack....and borderline grumpy.

Her 'cheese' smile.

She started riding this not long after she turned one.....and it was so entertaining to us.  She'd run right into the fence and say "Uh-oh!", can't fit your 'jeep' through the gate.  ;)



We had big plans to expand our raised bed garden this year to doing a bit of upside down gardening..........

We bought a few vegetables when we went to the nursery.....

We got a Lowe's paint bucket.....and Geoff drilled holes in it.

Then put a tomato plant in through the bottom hole.

We added compost in our bed...

Then he put in a jalapeno plant on each side of the bucket....



I love these next pictures of Geoff and Parker.

Geoff drew out a little map showing where we planted each type of seed.......

Here is a better picture of our attempt at upside down gardening. (Update: The tomato plant on the bottom did not last very long at all because it did not get enough sun. The jalapeno plants are still alive and doing well).

We also planted cilantro on top and it is flourishing to say the least! I hope to post updated pics of the garden tomorrow (but don't hold your breath because you can see how well I have been keeping up lately!).

Geoff's map.

Anyway- once you put the seeds in the put the lid on top and place it in a room temperature place out of direct sunlight until they start sprouting.


More to come!  I know it's not too exciting....but it's our life.....and I'm trying to remember it all.....and falling short daily!  ;)


Jodie said...

I love the pictures. You do such a great job! And I love looking at Parker watching Geoff. The garden is going to be great.

Viv said...

You do a wonderful job, and I like Jodie love watching Parker watch her Daddy. Can't wait to see all the veggies. Grace and Parker make me smile so very much!


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