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Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Playdate 2011

Today- we had the privilege of going to our first ever playdate Easter egg hunt at Megan's house.  We had a great time.......visiting with other mom's......and see Parker (and Grace) enjoy the hunt!

It is getting my plan is to do few words....lots of pictures.  We'll see...    ;)

The food was great.  Take a look at this spread!  Megan did a wonderful job, to say the least.

Kristin (Aunt Sis) and Kelli

The funny things about this next picture is that I took this picture not long after the egg hunt.....and then Megan took a similar picture almost 30 minutes later!  So funny that she would scoot up against the wall and then put her hands behind her head?

This....this is my favorite series of pictures from the day.

Hayden loves Grace.  It's actually kind of comical.....because when Grace was (I don't really remember exactly how old....but probably before her crawling before she was 9 months old)...Hayden just seemed to take a liking to her.  He would just love and love on her for some reason.  I actually have photographic proof in this post from our Valentine's playdate day party post.

So here.....Grace's is saying "EhhhhhhhhhH!"....because she wants me to help her climb up the tree??

Here....she spots Hayden coming.

He walks right up to her and begins to hug her.

I immediately thought......"I have to zoom in now."  And here....Grace is starting to kind of whine.....and Parker is giving off a 'sort of' glare.  ;)

Hayden ceases his hugging.....and Parker begins to comfort her baby sister....telling her (and I actually hear her say this, "It's ok's ok."

Now.....Grace is starting to cry her efforts to 'save' her sister.....Parker is pulling Grace's arm.....and probably hurting her.  ;)

The wind started blowing sand in her we finally went inside.

A great time was had by all.  Thank you again, Megan....for another wonderful party and welcoming us into your home!


Jodie said...

This looks like fun! What a great idea! And I love the girls shirts. Very cute!

Megan said...

What a great day! Thank ya'll so much for coming!

You got some of the BEST pictures!!! And that "series" made me LOL. So funny. And sweet. ;-)

GREAT post!

Viv said...

looks like a good time was had by all, how nice! Love all the pics, been watching all these babies grow up through these blogs, so priceless to me!


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