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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A quick pose.

 I got the camera out earlier this afternoon when Grace brought my shoes to me so that I could put them on her.  Her feet looked so cute  to me.....all little and squishy and chubby.

Then after I got a quick picture of her small feet in my shoes.....I noticed that she was being sweet and hugging on her I decided to take a picture of that.

Then- I decided to keep taking pictures of her now walking in my shoes....

Then I decided that I should move to the other side of the living room so that the light would not be behind her and maybe get some better pics.

I laid down on my stomach so that I would be her level.

And to my little ham decided to drop me a quick pose. To clarify......I merely walked to the other side of the room.....laid down....held up my camera.......and she knew what to do.  There was no talking nor coercing to get her to look at me or anything.

So she sits down....

Miss Priss.

Then.....and this was the funniest part to me....... She flops onto her belly and says "Chiz!"  And gives me this smile!   I mean.....look how her hands are placed?  They look like I posed her!  And even if I were to try to pose her.....I would not have tried this pose because I would have known that she would never do it!

I click away because I'm loving it.  And she obliges.

Before I snapped the next few pics.....I did say to her, "Say cheese!" so that maybe she would start her smile again......and so here she's really cheesing it.  (Her 'cheesing it' usually means her eyes are squinted up because she's trying to smile so hard.  I need to put together a post of just "Grace's Smiles."  They kill me.)

Maybe my favorite....

"Ok mom....have you gotten enough yet??"

I love this kid so much it hurts sometimes.


Kristin said...

So stinking cute!! I love her faces too!!! They make me laugh!

Viv said...

Priceless, she is so durn cute and sweet!

Megan said...

Definitely one of my favorite posts!! LOVE IT!!! She is precious! Maybe she will be my daughter in law one day. ;-)

Milstead said...

Love seeing your girls! They're growing up way too fast. :)


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