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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween outfits

Just some pics of the girls before church on Sunday.  My mom made both shirts....Grace's shirt is new this year.  It turned out SO cute!  I used the circle skirt tutorial from Made for her skirt.  She loved wearing her fluffy hand-me-down boots, too!

Such a poser!   I made Parker's twirl skirt last year.....

Sisters.  ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

pumpkin fun!

Over the past week or so we have been trying to do a few pumpkin activities in spirit of the season.

We made these paper plate pumpkins and I got some really cute pics of the girls doing this, but I deleted them from my camera before importing!  Uhhh!  Anyway- they had a great time doing this and I got the idea from here.

The activities below- are printables from 1+1+1=1  I pulled activities from both of her pumpkin packs.  The girls had a great time....and we spent a good hour and a half of our morning doing them.

I gave Parker this activity to do mostly by herself while I made breakfast.  She did SO good!
The colors were written under each pumpkin in black and white so she had to 'read' the words to know what to color them.  She hasn't really learned to identify them by sight...and really doesn't sound out....but she has learned catchy songs in her class....and so she spells them out loud and can usually figure out what color it is.

She also looked at her sight words on the wall to help her figure out a few.  I did write the color words for the wall in the specific color to avoid confusion- so this did help her with a few she couldn't get.

Some cutting, gluing, and tracing.....

I'm pretty sure Geoff has let Grace use scissors before but I have not.  So this day was the day!  And I think she did pretty well.

She was supposed to cut the pumpkins in half and then glue them back together on another piece of paper....

She loved the cutting and the gluing....she just wanted to glue where she wanted.  Which was just fine too.

Her cutting lines are fairly straight!

We pulled out our Crayola Dry Erase writing center for Parker to do a few worksheets with the dry erase.  This way- I didn't have to laminate and we can reuse a few more times this year....and then still have them for next year or the next for her or Grace.

A do-a-dot pumpkin printable that both girls did but didn't get many pics of.....

Grace likes to push down SO hard!

I think this graphing activity was Parker's favorite.  You roll the paper die and then graph.

Grace dotted when and where she chose.  ;)

But for Parker it was much more.  It was about which pumpkin would 'win.'  Loved seeing her get this excited.

And we finished off our pumpkin actives with some good ole pumping decorating and carving.

Of course- Geoff was really the only one who did the carving....

And the girls used markers to color their pumpkins...

Geoff did a great job.  I think this is my favorite pumpkin yet!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fall 2012 at the arboretum

We finally made it out to the arboretum to see the many beautiful pumpkins and the Chihuly exhibit.  Each year I am still in awe of the pumpkins and neat it all is. The Chihuly exhibit is exceptional and just beautiful.  

The weather: cloudy and cool.  Perfect for our visit.

I had originally planned on getting an early start....but we were slow moving this morning.  When we both have a day (actually half of a day) off intentions are to get so much done.  But we both end up being so tired and then just want to enjoy all of us being together without the stress of blowing and going.  Another treat- Grace stayed in her bed all night AND slept til 9am!

But the slow moving paid off.  It was a little crowded as we got there a little past 11...but by noon...there weren't really that many people and the girls were able to run around a bit.

Instead of trying for pictures for an hour...we really only tried for about 10 minutes.  We got a few of BOTH smiling and so I call it a success!

There was a family beside us taking pictures of their boys and asked Geoff to take a picture of them.  So he offered to take a picture of us.  Love Parker's face.  She was NOT happy about this 'strange' man taking our picture and she was not going to smile.  He actually took 2 pictures and her face is a little nicer in this one.  Ha!

In Cinderella's carriage....

While standing in line for face painting..Parker decided to chase this squirrel.  Yes- this is the same girl that screamed for me this morning because there was an ant 3 feet from her that was 'going to get' her!

At the last minute she decided she'd better return....

I wish Grace's face was in focus here because I love it....

Other than when she's sleeping.....this is the most still I have ever seen her sit!

Running around the hay....

Just amazing...

Parker asked for us to take this picture of her posing....Oh brother.


And because it's what I do.... 

And last year....I forgot how little Grace was just a year ago!!
(I spent so much time on Parker's skirt she gets 2 years wear out of it!  And you'll probably be seeing it for the next 2 years on Grace!


OK- off to catch up on the show Revenge.  Do you watch it?  We cancelled our cable over the summer and got Hulu.  With no shows to watch during the summer lull- I watched the entire first season of Revenge and was hooked!  I also watched the third season of Parenthood and it might be my new favorite show.  It gets me every week!


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