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Friday, October 5, 2012


It's a lazy day over here!  And I like it.  ;)  Sure- we will be grocery shopping and a little bit of organizing.....but it will be at our own pace!  Maybe a pedicure?  (wishful thinking I think!)

I did want to take a second and post a few pics from my phone...which I have not done in quite a while...

I am slowly but surely working on organizing our office/sewing room/ school room.
And I was quite impressed with Parker's skills the other day as she was really helping me put these shelves together.

We love Ms. Brittany!  She taught Parker and Grace in their 2 year old Sunday school class and we all just love her.  She also used to babysit for the girls when Geoff and I were both at work.  Our schedules changed so we don't need her much anymore...but she got married this past weekend and she was a beautiful bride!  The girls sat so still through the ceremony....watching the princess!  ;)

 The old class Charlotte's Web movie is now a favorite in our house.  A few weeks ago we (mostly Geoff) started reading Charlotte's Web to Parker before bed each night.  I wouldn't let her watch the movie til they finished the book....and I'm so glad we did it this way.  We also have the newer version of the movie with Dakota Fanning...but I wanted her first viewing to be the original.  And I'm happy to report that this one is her favorite....not the newer version.  And I'm glad.  I loved (still do) this movie when I was a little girl!

 Some of Parker's work from school that I know will get lost in the shuffle but I just love....

She never showed much interest in writing til she started school.  And I love how she even writes our names on her papers!

We headed to the pumpkin patch a little early this year.  Hope the pumpkins last!  We had a good time picking out the pumpkins and playing hide and seek in the little hay maze!

I've been in a cooking rut as usual.  Read:  not cooking!  I did- however- try out this Crockpot Chicken Chili recipe yesterday and thought it was so good and simple!  Try it!  The crockpot is all I really seem to have motivation for these days.  ;)

And so last night we finally took the front off of Grace's crib.  Long over due.  Especially since she has been crawling out of the crib for the past few weeks.  A little embarrassed to admit and I realize not the safest.  I think I just hoped deep down it was a fluke and she'd stop climbing out and sleep through the night.  Nope.  Still coming out every night.  Boo!

OK- off to have a semi-productive day!  haha


life rearranged

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Viv said...

Smile! It will be fine and dandy!


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