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Sunday, October 21, 2012

pumpkin fun!

Over the past week or so we have been trying to do a few pumpkin activities in spirit of the season.

We made these paper plate pumpkins and I got some really cute pics of the girls doing this, but I deleted them from my camera before importing!  Uhhh!  Anyway- they had a great time doing this and I got the idea from here.

The activities below- are printables from 1+1+1=1  I pulled activities from both of her pumpkin packs.  The girls had a great time....and we spent a good hour and a half of our morning doing them.

I gave Parker this activity to do mostly by herself while I made breakfast.  She did SO good!
The colors were written under each pumpkin in black and white so she had to 'read' the words to know what to color them.  She hasn't really learned to identify them by sight...and really doesn't sound out....but she has learned catchy songs in her class....and so she spells them out loud and can usually figure out what color it is.

She also looked at her sight words on the wall to help her figure out a few.  I did write the color words for the wall in the specific color to avoid confusion- so this did help her with a few she couldn't get.

Some cutting, gluing, and tracing.....

I'm pretty sure Geoff has let Grace use scissors before but I have not.  So this day was the day!  And I think she did pretty well.

She was supposed to cut the pumpkins in half and then glue them back together on another piece of paper....

She loved the cutting and the gluing....she just wanted to glue where she wanted.  Which was just fine too.

Her cutting lines are fairly straight!

We pulled out our Crayola Dry Erase writing center for Parker to do a few worksheets with the dry erase.  This way- I didn't have to laminate and we can reuse a few more times this year....and then still have them for next year or the next for her or Grace.

A do-a-dot pumpkin printable that both girls did but didn't get many pics of.....

Grace likes to push down SO hard!

I think this graphing activity was Parker's favorite.  You roll the paper die and then graph.

Grace dotted when and where she chose.  ;)

But for Parker it was much more.  It was about which pumpkin would 'win.'  Loved seeing her get this excited.

And we finished off our pumpkin actives with some good ole pumping decorating and carving.

Of course- Geoff was really the only one who did the carving....

And the girls used markers to color their pumpkins...

Geoff did a great job.  I think this is my favorite pumpkin yet!

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Viv said...

Those girls are just so smart and talented.(like their parents) Great pumpkins!!


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