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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tour of Gymnastics

This past Saturday- we took the girls to see the USA Tour of Gymnastics.  I have to admit that I was pretty excited myself!  The girls don't quite grasp the whole Olympic medalist thing just yet....but they are into gymnastics and we thought they'd enjoy it.  And I think they did.  It was a late night so all girls were exhausted by the end of the night (we were too!).

We started off our evening by having dinner here....

Then off to the show!  It was neat to see these 'stars' up close....but I was a little disappointed that we didn't see more 'gymnastics.'  I guess I should have expected more of a show like what they did, but I guess I wasn't thinking.  Anyway- bottom-line....glad we went and they did some really neat things.  The girls sat through the entire 2 hour show so that has to tell you something!

I took LOTS of pictures....but I'm just putting some of them up here!  ;)

Nastia Luikin

Gabby Douglas

Jordyn Weiber


Aly Raiman

 Onto the balance beam....

Gabby's Floor Routine

The Finale...

 The men's gymnastics team...

The 2012 US Women's Gymnastics Team (there were only 3 here)


Viv said...

Looks like loads of entertainment for the girls. Tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't let me. Also was wondering of the West End Spaghetti Warehouse is as good as it used to be....loved all the pictures!

Kristin said...

You got lots of good pictures!!!!

Megan said...

How super fun! And super neat that the Olympic team (most of them) was there and you could see them perform in person and in a different way other than what we see on TV.

GREAT pictures!!!


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