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Sunday, June 28, 2009

We've been busy....
...eating out...a lot. Too much. So much that I don't want to do it anymore. Yuck.

So busy... in fact....that my child....until tonight...

...had not been bathed since Thursday evening.

Ahhh....such is life.

And- bless her heart!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy father's day, Geoff!

Thank you for being a such a wonderful father to our daughter! We are so blessed to have you! I know I am not always the best about showing it/or telling you...but seriously...we couldn't ask for more! And we love you very, very much....

And to see pictures from Geoff's first year as a can go here to see last year's post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've basically been writing this blog in my head for the past 4 weeks...yet now that I am somewhat comfortable with actually sitting down and doing it...I find myself speechless...kind of. :)

So...I guess I'll just start blabbering like I always do and maybe something decent will come out!??

I am happy to announce that we are now expecting our 2nd baby--due January 25, 2010!!! I went to the doctor for the first time 2 weeks is the sonogram from that day....

I know it may not mean much to anyone but us...but I'm posting them anyway. In the above picture....our baby measures 5mm....that's five MILLIMETERS....HALF of a CENTIMETER! I know I've done this before (be pregnant...have a baby)...but the miracle of life never ceases to amaze me. Even at this very teeny-tiny size, we were still able to see the little heart beating away...(and in case anyone is wondering...the baby is not the black's the little white speck inside that black blob!)

We went back to the doctor today. He wanted to do another sonogram to see the baby a little bigger. And a little bigger it is! In the picture below...the baby is measuring at the past 2 weeks it has quadrupled its size. I know all of this is "normal"....but I still get excited about it...and am in pure amazement.

The second time around, for me, has definitely been "different" thus far.

For the first few days after we found out...Geoff and I would even "forget" that I was pregnant! (i.e. We took my sister out for her birthday and he asked me if I was going to have a margarita?? Umm....)

But since that day 5 weeks ago when we found has slowly but surely started setting in. This pregnancy has been a little different in that I haven't felt as good as I did with Parker...but at the same time...when I was pregnant with Parker...I wasn't chasing Parker around! Haha! I also don't get to sit around and daydream about my pregnancy and the baby that is growing inside of me as much as I did with Parker.

But I do wonder about things like....
  • how will life be with two??
  • I get excited about Parker having a sibling.
  • I get excited about our family of 3 expanding to a family of 4.
  • We talk about baby names every now and then.
  • We wonder about what/who this baby will look like. When I was pregnant with Parker...I imagined a baby that looked like Geoff when he was as we can't imagine having a kid that doesn't look like Parker! But we also know it doesn't work that way...just fun to think about, I guess.
We are so excited and feel so very blessed.

We did tell Parker that she is going to have a baby brother or sister...and that there is a baby in Mommy's belly, but we know that she does not fully grasp this concept. However, she will point to my belly now on her own accord, at random times, and say, "Babee!" and then kiss my belly. It's pretty sweet. I think she's going to make a great big sister!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breakfast with Parker.

First thing in the morning...I go and get her out of her crib...change her...tell her what she's going to eat...she tells me "Ah-mamamama" (which I guess is her form of "yes!") or "No!" (shaking her head and the whole bit).

This morning- we had a winner. Strawberries and waffles. Winner for her: she likes it. Winner for me: NOT messy like oatmeal or cereal.

So after I make her breakfast and sit her in her booster seat....she begins to eat. And every morning while she is eating.... we have a conversation. It kind of goes like this.

PARKER: Dad-dah!?
ME: Daddy's night-night.
PARKER: Lolla? (with her arms held up like "where is she?")
ME: Where is Lola?
PARKER: (pointing to the living room) "Ehr-she-is!" (then she smiles and may even clap).
ME: That's right! There she is!
PARKER: Muh. (pointing at her cup)
ME: That's right...that is your milk.
PARKER: Hat! Dad-dah's! (pointing at Geoff's hat she sees sitting on the bar).
ME: That is Daddy's hat.

ME: Eat your strawberries. Can you say strawberry?
PARKER: Pease. (aka "please")
ME: Good trying!

PARKER: Dad-dah!
ME: Where is Daddy?
PARKER: Wor? (aka "work")
ME: No...Daddy's night-night.
PARKER: (not speaking, but merely moving her mouth to the words and holding her pointer finger over her mouth ) Nigh-nigh. Shhhhhh.

PARKER: Auuh-nun! (aka "all done!")
ME:'re not all done. You still have to eat your strawberries and finish your waffle.
(she continues eating)

PARKER: Lolla? (with her arms held up like "where is she?")
ME: Where is Lola?
PARKER: (pointing to the living room) "Ehr-she-is!" (then she smiles and may even clap).
ME: That's right! There she is!

PARKER: Auuh-nun! (aka "all done!")
ME:'re not all done. You still have to eat your strawberries and finish your waffle.
(she continues eating)

PARKER: (bouncing her head) "Side!" (aka "outside")
ME: You want to go outside when you are done eating?
PARKER: "Ah-mamamama" (aka "yes")
ME: Ok- we can go outside in a minute.
PARKER: Shoos. (pointing to her feet)
ME: That's right...we will have to put our shoes on before we go outside.

PARKER: Lu-uv. (pointing to her Lovey laying on the floor in the kitchen)
ME: We'll get lovey after you are finished eating.
ME: We'll go outside in a minute.
ME: (I chuckle) We'll try not to get wet this morning. (FYI...she did get wet this morning)

So you catch my drift! As I was robotically answering and responding to all of her questions/statements this morning...I realized...this is what we do every morning...with some variations as her vocabulary grows. And I thought (surprising, I know)...I need to write this down!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Sunday Fun-day....'s been a while since our last Sunday Fun-day!

About 2 months ago, Geoff and I were laying in bed and discussing things to do with Parker. I suggested we take her to the Dallas World Aquarium because she seems to have a mild fascination with fish.

That night we laughed out loud because we imagined that when we took her she'd say, "Swish-swish!!! Swish-swish!" because, at the time, that's how she'd say fish.

Well- what we imagined almost came to fruition...except now...she actually says "fish" correctly about 75% of the time. Every once in a while we'll still get a "Swish-swish!!" Haha...I love it.

So last night I randomly thought, "hey...maybe we should try to take her to the aquarium tomorrow?"

And apparently- we were not the only ones with this idea because it was kind of busy...but we still had a great time nonetheless. Another great thing about it is that they really have all kinds of animals...and it's all it's not hot! Always a plus in my book! Geoff said the next place we'll go is the Ft. Worth that place air conditioned, as well? (I know...a girl can dream can't she??)

Ok- so I'll be quite now and let you look at some of the pictures. Parker was pretty timid at first. She was reluctant to get next to the glass in the beginning....wanted to be held a lot....would listen to us and let us hold her hand when she did want to walk. But after about an hour...all of that was out the window! She started walking around like she owned the place!!

ummmm....I think I might need a tan. Take that back...I DO need a tan!!!

Those things hanging down in the next picture...those are actually birds' nests! I'm not sure what kind of birds...but I thought they were pretty neat!

Oh man! I wish this picture would have actually been in focus!! Geeez!

These 2 ladies were feeding this sloth (I think that's what it was). There wasn't much light here so I couldn't really get a decent picture. But the one on the right ended up picking up that sloth and holding it like a baby...and the sloth even wrapped its arms around her neck!

NOTE: She is currently holding my hand....

NOTE: She now basically refuses to hold my hand...and we basically follow her around! (I mean...not really...umm...we were still in control! Haha!)

They had these computer touch screens by each exhibit. You could touch them to find out more about the animal you were looking at. Parker just liked to touch them. ;)

You know....the flamingos here are little more orangey than pink. At least these were. Is that normally how they are...because you always hear "pink flamingos." Right??

But our day did not end there. No sir-ee! We came home...and Parker took a nap. Oh...and I did, too. Geoff actually got to watch that was fun for him.

Then...we decided to grill hamburgers. I had been wanting them all day long. And I didn't want a fast-food one...I wanted it grilled. With lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, jalapenos, and mustard and ketchup. And I wanted Cool Ranch Doritos, too. Let me just tell was the best. It tasted exactly how I wanted it to taste. Because you know how sometimes you crave something and then it doesn't taste like you want it to taste? Well...this did! And I can't wait to eat another one tomorrow for lunch.

So Geoff grilled...

Parker played....

Oh...and then threw this little fit when I turned the water hose off after filling up Lola's water bowl. It's so sad, isn't it? Such a hard life!!

And believe it or not...our fun day continued....

Geoff had the insane brilliant idea for us to go to Braum's for banana splits. These really are the best banana splits, in my opinion. And we got two...count ' Because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs we're smart like that...and think that our one year old might eat too much of ours for us to share just one??? Haha!!!

Anyway- we decided to actually go and eat it there to make it more "fun." And we discovered that when we eat them there...and because they have not had time to melt like they do when we get them to go....that we cannot eat the whole thing!! Surprise!! (and yes...I'm a big dork and took our camera into Braum's...)

Also- our 1 year old (almost 2 year old)....did not even really eat any. Except for this little bite...and maybe just a smidge of the whipped topping. We were disappointed for some reason. It's fun to see your kids enjoy things...and we had so wanted her to enjoy this...and "knew" that she would. But by the time we left...we were no longer disappointed...because this is a good thing! Maybe she doesn't have a sweet tooth!

The End

Friday, June 12, 2009

The sky tonight....

At around 7:30 the sky became this yellowish-greenish-organgish color. I decided to try to take some photos to see how they'd turn out.

Here they are...with no photoshopping! These are the actual colors of the sky tonight!

These are from my back porch....

This next one is basically the sky looking from the front of my house...(the opposite direction of the pictures above). And I decided to throw this one in...(eventhough it's not as pretty)...just to show that the sky really was a kind of weird color....

But ain't it pretty??

Sticker Fun!


And I love this's almost as if she's posing...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gotta love Texas weather....

It was a very rainy morning.....and had stormed here most of the night as well. But there was something about being home today with little Miss Parker...just us...with the rain pouring ("Wet!!" Parker would say)...with the thunder thundering...and not having anywhere that we had to be! I watched the news and all of the flooding....and was thankful to not have to get out in any of it.

We were nice and cozy in our little house!

So I decided to get my camera out...(I had to dust it off first! Haha! It has been a while!)

But by this was sunny with a slight breeze. I think the temperature was in the upper not too bad...and not too humid. So I decided to take Parker outside. Only...I opted to go out front instead of the back because...well...I didn't want to deal with the mud and water. She loves that stuff, you know?

These are the Smarties that I bribed her with rewarded her with for good behavior. We kind of got caught up at the know...wanting to open...then close...then open....and I was ready to go ahead and get on with actually going outside. So I said, "Hey Parker! Look what I have." And for some reason...she just followed right after me. ;)

And the following are just a few pictures of her pushing her lovey around in her stroller. I must admit...I was quite impressed at how she just went back and forth on the sidewalk exactly in front of our house. I didn't tell her to not go it was extra special nice that she took it upon herself to adhere to that rule...and then I was able to continue to sit on the step and take pictures! :)

She would look at me every so often...and then immediately turn away when she saw I had the camera....

But here (and I love this)....she was walking past me and I said in my pleading voice,
"Parker! PLEASE look at Momma!?!?"

And she stopped...sighed (no joke)...threw her arms down a bit...and said (literally) "Cheeeze!" It was half-heartedly...but I took it!


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