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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A whole bunch of randomness....

It's been pretty busy around these parts! But I'll just start with today.

Parker went to her friend, Jenna's, birthday party this afternoon. It was complete with a petting zoo, bounce house, and a few other things that kept the kids entertained. Seriously- I have been to several kids' birthdays this year...and "man!", can my friends throw a party!! My friend Jodie threw a big luau party....Kelli had a great party, too...with lots of fun for the kids and great favors. Umm....I don't think I can compete!

But even aside from the just the party...Parker endured another "first" today! Lately....she has been more curious about the potty and what we "do" in the potty. She'll say "tee-tee" and "poo-poo" (is that too much information??).

Anyway- several times we have asked her if she wants to sit on the potty and do these things....and sometimes she seems interested....and sometimes we let her...but every time she just does nothing. She'll sit there for about 20 seconds and then say "Aaah nun!" (all done!)

So that's been that.

But today, at Jenna's house...they have a little potty seat that goes onto the potty. Parker was, again, interested. She led Geoff to the bathroom door...and said "Tee-tee!"

Geoff asked, "Do you need to go tee-tee?"

Again...she said, "Tee-tee!"

So he took her in there so she could try again. Only this time...she picked up the little potty seat (which she must have seen the other kids using because we do not have one) and motioned for Geoff to put it on the toilet. Anywho...I am a little embarrassed that I am actually writing this whole story down...but it was exciting to us and afterall...another first!!

So alas....I do not know if that little potty seat was "magic" or what....but she actually went tee-tee in the potty! Whoo-hoo!

And so with that...I'll end this potty story. (have I hit an all-time low in blogging?) ;)

But I will finish with some pictures before bath time tonight. She was very dirty...after sunscreen, sweating, strawberries, candy, dirt... she definitely earned her bath tonight!

That's chocolate from the candy she received from the pinata at the party....

Here she is with her "play" camera. She holds it close to her face and says "Chees! Chees!" Which is all too funny to me because she is doing exactly what we do....We hold the camera to our face and say "Say cheese!!" Only...we mean for her to say cheese while we are taking her picture. And she just says "Chees!" while holding the camera.

I love this face! (Don't know what's going on with the yelllowish lighting in the background...)

And here I finally got Geoff to hold her so that I could please get a picture of her smiling!!! It's been a while!

And the day's not over yet! After we put the little one to bed...Geoff and I have rented He's Just Not That Into You (it was my case you couldn't tell!)...and I'm excited to watch it. Let's just hope I can stay awake!


Kristin said...

That is SOOOOOOOO great that she went potty in the toilet! I'm so proud of her!! I guess we have to take her now every time she says "tee tee", since she may really want to go!!

Viv said...

great pics! Proud of her too. sounds to me like she had a great day! Tell me how u liked the movie, saw it at the theatre with my friend Jacki back around Christmas. David calls it a 'chick flick' which of course I tend to like.

Anonymous said...

Well of course Granny is proud of
Parker but you guys taking so much
time with her. I wish I had done
more of that She is a Doll.
Love you all,


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