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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Water hose on Wednesday.

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon.

We went out into the backyard to play.

She played in the sand and water cart.

She meticulously scooped sand into her cup and poured it into Lola's water bowl.

Multiple times.

She then started saying, "Bubbls....Bubbls" I caved and went and got some.

She opened the bubbles.

Poured them into Lola's water bowl.

And stirred.

I just sat back and watched. It was one of those days in which I thought, "Is what she's doing really that big of a deal??"

"Nahhh!" (And yes- I do answer my own questions in my head.)

Anywho....when it was time to go in...I thought it the right thing to clean out Lola's water bowl.

Only....this chubby-handed toddler whisked (yes- whisked) it out of my hand!!

Again....I showed no resistance....and went in to get my camera. (I'm so weak...:)

And yes....that hose head is clean (?????)

At least she tried to accomplish what I had originally set out to do...

I think it's full now...

I guess she was still thirsty???

She got a little choked up here....with that water shooting straight into her mouth....

But it didn't slow her down one bit....

Look what she can do. I'm so proud. :)

She's mesmerized!

So happy with herself....


Monica Jackson said...

So cute!! I love how she took a quick little break to smile for the camera toward the end :)

Viv said...

Little doll!

Kristin said...

That looked like a lot of fun! She will have a good time this summer playing in water!

Anonymous said...

Granny loves it, come to see me


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