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Saturday, May 23, 2009

saturday at granny's... sister, my mom, me, Parker, and Payton loaded up my mom's car and headed to my Granny's house for a visit. We don't get to see her as often as we like due to school and busy lives...and mainly just pitiful excuses....but now that I am not in school until the end of August...I am able to visit more frequently.

We had a great day! We visited. Parker colored. We ate lunch. We visited some more. I took Parker for a little walk....

She sure did love those rocks! Granny was even nice enough to let us bring a few home....along with an empty vinegar jug (?) (pictured a little later) that we put some rocks that would fit into the empty jug...where she would shake it around and make a very loud noise....which she also loved. :)

Don't know what really compelled me to take a picture of this bird...and then, to go as far as to post it....but I think what I was thinking was that I wanted to see how close up I could get with the lens...and then I just wanted to include it because the sky was a pretty blue and I thought I'd share...

Today was also special because it was the first time that Parker has gotten to "hold" her cousin. I was sitting right next to her while Kristin was taking pictures. I really tried to narrow the number of pictures down for the blog because to you- they may all look the same (because they kinda do)....but to me....each picture has a different face for Parker (and Payton, for that matter)...a different moment... and there was just something so sweet about it. Parker loved holding the baby. She would pat her belly lightly and then gently rub it. She'd point to her ears. And she loved to give her kisses. And she even through a semi-fit when we took Payton out of her arms. It was just really sweet.

And last...but not least....Granny with the girlies...

(this is the empty vinegar jug to which I was referring to earlier...)

Then end.

And now I'm off to read....for FUN! (Something else I never get to do during the semester!)


Viv said...

Great, wonderful pics. Making some precious memories. Everyone look again at the one with Great Granny holding Payton and Parker and Parker with her Vinegar Bottle, if she's not the spitting image of her Mommy at that age! The look on her face reminding me so much of you Marla!

Jodie said...

I am glad that you got to spend time with your Granny. I loved the pics of Parker and Payton. So sweet!


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