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Monday, May 18, 2009

20 months old.

Random things to note this month: (and this is mostly for if you'd like to skip this won't hurt my feelings :)
  • You absolutely love your baby dolls. That includes your "lovey" (that you affectionately call "Lu-uv!" You pat the baby's back and bounce....all the while.... whispering "Sh-sh-sh-sh." You try to put socks on their feet...wrap them in blankets...put diapers on them...and give them hugs and kisses.
  • You sleep with one baby doll, your "lovey," and your blanket.
  • Sleep habits: You go to bed between 8 and 8:30....and sleep until 7:30-8:00. You go down for a nap around 1pm and sleep for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. About once a month you'll surprise me with a solid 3 hour nap!
  • When you're about to do something that you know you aren't supposed to squinch up your face...look us straight in our eyes....and smile. We try not to laugh as we tell you "No!"
  • You're still a pretty picky eater. Unfortunately...we feed you chicken nuggets a lot! You're pretty good about eating your fruit. Not so good with the vegetables (then again...neither are we!). You love milk...don't really like juice...and you love water when it is in my usually want milk! A few of your favorites include: plain noodles, yogurt, raisins, rice, strawberries, bread (if there was ever any doubt that this kid was mine...there is no longer....she loves carbs as much as her Momma!), french fries (I know...we're so bad!), and crackers.
  • You say new words everyday. You also make up your own words!
  • Your brain is like a sponge and is constantly soaking up the world around you! You make us smile and laugh each day with something new that you are doing that is an imitation of us.
  • You love Word World and you love to play outside.
  • I simply cannot list everything that you do and all that amazes me about you...I would be here forever! You are so special to us and we love you very much! We are truly blessed.


Kristin said...

That was a great idea to write all those things so you won't forget! Parker will sure appreciate that one day!! :)

Viv said...

I love reading about her and I know some day she will so appreciate what you have documented for her.

Thank God each day that you are all in my life. You are so blessed and she is very blessed that you and Geoff are her parents.

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Awww, I had a little tear in my eye reading that. You wrote it all so great!
Kids are so innocent and sweet.


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