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Monday, May 25, 2009

A funny story..

...well...I don't really know if you would call it funny...but Parker did something funny/cute today that I wanted to record.

We were playing outside. She had played in her sand and water cart for a while.

Then we went inside to get her Lovey and her stroller to bring back outside with us. To which she pushed her Lovey around the backyard for a while.

Then she sat on the doorstep while "sh-shing" Lovey (who was still in the stroller) and "bouncing" the stroller (like we do with Payton in her bouncy seat).

(all the while...I am just watching her from the middle of the yard...I was still sitting by the sand and water cart)

Then I see her stand-up...pick up Lovey...and then she starts fake crying..."Ahh-huhuhu....Wah- hehehe!"

From afar....I get this confused look on my face....and think...."Why is she 'fake crying'? Nothing's wrong right now." I admit....she does this often...but usually only when she wants something that she cannot have.

Ok- on with the story.

So after she does the fake crying...."Ahh-huhuhu....Wah- hehehe!"

She stops. And then immediately starts bouncing, patting, and "sh-shing" Lovey.

She was fake crying for Lovey!!! And then tried to calm her down with the bouncing, patting, and "sh-shing"!

I thought it was so sweet...too funny...and I never wanted to forget it.


Viv said...

You won't forget. It's going to be amazing all that you will remember.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness that made me smile!! That is so funny and sweet!! I swear I love that kid so much!!

Jodie said...

That is such a great story. SO creative and smart!

Unknown said...

Parker has a wonderful role model -her mother and as her mother obviously has her Mother- so precious...

That is truly a wonderful moment and memory to have..

Reading it makes my heart warm and a smile across my face.

Thank you for sharing.


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