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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gotta love Texas weather....

It was a very rainy morning.....and had stormed here most of the night as well. But there was something about being home today with little Miss Parker...just us...with the rain pouring ("Wet!!" Parker would say)...with the thunder thundering...and not having anywhere that we had to be! I watched the news and all of the flooding....and was thankful to not have to get out in any of it.

We were nice and cozy in our little house!

So I decided to get my camera out...(I had to dust it off first! Haha! It has been a while!)

But by this was sunny with a slight breeze. I think the temperature was in the upper not too bad...and not too humid. So I decided to take Parker outside. Only...I opted to go out front instead of the back because...well...I didn't want to deal with the mud and water. She loves that stuff, you know?

These are the Smarties that I bribed her with rewarded her with for good behavior. We kind of got caught up at the know...wanting to open...then close...then open....and I was ready to go ahead and get on with actually going outside. So I said, "Hey Parker! Look what I have." And for some reason...she just followed right after me. ;)

And the following are just a few pictures of her pushing her lovey around in her stroller. I must admit...I was quite impressed at how she just went back and forth on the sidewalk exactly in front of our house. I didn't tell her to not go it was extra special nice that she took it upon herself to adhere to that rule...and then I was able to continue to sit on the step and take pictures! :)

She would look at me every so often...and then immediately turn away when she saw I had the camera....

But here (and I love this)....she was walking past me and I said in my pleading voice,
"Parker! PLEASE look at Momma!?!?"

And she stopped...sighed (no joke)...threw her arms down a bit...and said (literally) "Cheeeze!" It was half-heartedly...but I took it!


Kristin said...

Those pictures of her in the hat are so dang cute!!! I love the picture of her and Lola!! Glad she got to go outside for a little bit!!

kay said...

Adorable! I love that she sighs and obeys... soon she'll add a little eyeroll to the mix! :P

Viv said...

Great. sweet. adorable pics! Loved them all.

ahmed said...

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