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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parker's Birthday Day

This past Tuesday- Parker turned 5 years old!  I won't go on and on about how I can't believe she's 5 because I can't. And I say it all the time.

But I did go back and read her birth story and I will say that it doesn't seem like it was FIVE years ago!

We had a pretty low key day and ended with a family party.  We left our gifts to her out on the kitchen table for her to find when she woke up.  She was a little bit excited about her big day.  :)  She ran out of her room...eyes squinty from the bright light coming in from the windows and said through a smile, 'It's my birthday!"

Geoff is explaining to her that she will need to share with Grace.

And Grace is telling her which one is hers.  ;)

We enjoyed pancakes, bacon, and strawberries for breakfast...

I was trying to finish up some things last minute...So Geoff sat down with her to do some school work.

Grace was entertained for about 5 minutes with these blocks.  :)

I must say, though, I was impressed with her stacking skills...

Parker wanted a Barbie party...but I had already decided we were going to do a gymnastics party for her was going to be the 'no running around my house trying to clean for a party' party....but the kids would love it and have fun...and it was/is a win-win.

But to give her a 'Barbie' party....I just through in a few Barbie things....

My mom made these adorable shirts and I made the skirts to match....

It's hard to get a good one of all 3, but these girls were so excited and bouncing off the walls!

 **The banner and these water bottle printables were purchased here.

We ordered pizza....

Papaw and Gran

Grandad and Mimi

Poppa and Gramma

A special treat!  My granny and 2 of her sisters...Joann and Pauline...

This gal got way too much.  And was a little shy to say thank you...

She just needed a little 'talk'...and all was ok.  :)

I always set forth to take pics of everyone and everything and always fail miserably!  I did NOT get a picture of Aunt Aubrey and her fiancé Greg.....and none of Kristin and Uncle Phil...AND none of our family of four!  Arghh!


Jodie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Barbie party! It looks so good! Happy Birthday Parker! I can't believe you are 5 either.

Chance said...! What an adorable party! Fabulous outfits and cake and banner! Nice job!

Viv said...

I had tried to post on this last week and for some reason it didn't work. Glad Parker had a wonderful bd and so sorry we missed it! Love you all so!


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