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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkin Patch at the Arboretum 2011

One day last week we ventured out to the arboretum.  This is the earliest in the season that we have made it to the pumpkins and there were SO many.  We usually don't make it there until closer to the end of October- and while there are still lots of pumpkins, I could tell by going so early that they start out with way more.  It really looks amazing.

We couldn't stay very long because I had a hair appointment (it had been months since a trim and was in desperate need!) we were just going to let them run around and take some pictures.

I get kind of upset with myself because I stress about getting the 'perfect' pictures and getting my camera settings right all at the same time.....and so, in return, I feel like I don't enjoy myself as much.....which, in turn, makes Geoff and the girls not enjoy themselves as much.  After the first 15-20 minutes or so, though.....I decided to just forget about it.  Try to have fun. If we get a good picture, great.  If not, then whatever.

And I'll tell you this.....the pictures where we stopping 'trying' to get a good one.....are the best ones we got!  It's hard {for me} to let go, but I'm really trying on this because although I want to document their little lives....I don't want them to look back and think "yeh- mom always had the camera in our face and wasn't  'there'", you know?  

And so here is where we really stopped "trying" so hard.....

The next 'series' are some of my favorites......

Love them together.  Couldn't decide which edit I liked the best.  Each one gives me a different emotion.

She still likes to pick up the pumpkins!

Parker @ 13 months- October 2008

And because I love to look back....

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Pumpking Patch 2010


Kristin said...

Those were all such great pictures!!! Loved them!!! And love looking back too!

Viv said...

loved them all. Like I told you on FB, they are perfect and could indeed pass for professional. I love looking back too!

Its Me Again Margaret said...

Marla these outfits are adorable and the pictures are great!!! I am going to etsy right now and buying something for Emma girl!


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