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Friday, September 2, 2011

swimming, make-up, homemade food, play, cookies, and laundry

Geoff was home with us the past 2 days and it's been so nice.  I know I've said it before....and I guess I'll say it again.  But since I've been working (8  months now)......we often work opposite schedules.....and so our days together as a family of 4 are....not many.  A few days a month most of the time.  And I think it's just been a major adjustment going from having 3 days a week home maybe 3 days a month.  I'm really not trying to complain here....but these are the facts.   And it seems to be getting better.   And so, my point: when we do have a day together we really try to make it count.

Yesterday morning started out really well.  Parker woke up in a great mood.  She's not usually in a bad mood.....but this morning she was especially sweet.  And before we even had breakfast....she wanted to dress up like Pinkalicious.

After breakfast, we headed to our community pool for one last swim.  It closes on Labor Day.  Aunt Sis, Uncle Phil and Payton met up with us.  Luckily she brought her camera....and I stole took these pictures from her blog!  ;)




We came home....had lunch.....Grace napped while Geoff and Parker headed to Wal-Mart for this weeks' groceries.....and I worked on a few things around the house.

After nap......we had a little unhealthy snack....and played with......make-up.  Parker has been bugging me to play with it .......and Kristin let Payton play with her's not that long ago.  So I caved.  Hey- it's about making the memories, right?

Parker went to town!

Grace starting 'hitting' (not really hitting) me and thought it was so funny when I would say "Ow!!!"

While we were making a mess playing together.....Geoff was working hard making us a yummy dinner.  He fried some okra from our garden (what's left of our garden, that is)....

And Pioneer Woman's chicken fried steak.  Kristin made it earlier in the week and it looked so good so we had to copy.  ;)  Everything was delicious!  I didn't really get a good picture because I was being rushed..... this little missy because I was not holding her at that specific moment???

But right before I put my camera down....I took this picture of Geoff's plate.  He always seems to make his plate prettier than mine.....

We spent the rest of the day together.....gave the girls a bath, cleaned up, and played.  It was a nice relaxing day around the house.

Today- we decided to get out of the house a bit.

Today was the 'soft opening' of a Joann fabric that just opened in our city.  I am really excited about it being just 10 minutes from my house!  I love Hobby Lobby, but Joann's has so many more notions, and just offers more for sewers.  So we made a stop in there and bought some elastic.  I got out of ther for less than $2.00.  ;)

We headed to The Container Store in Dallas to get a shelving/drawer thing to help finish up my 'cleaning the office' project.  Then to the Galleria for lunch and play.

Grace was trying to climb up this 'rock' and I'd just help her when she'd look at me or even start up.  I sort of let her try on her own....but just figured she was too little to do it.

Geoff noticed and said, "She can do it herself."  I said, "No....I tried to let her and she couldn't."

Well- he showed me!  He helped her out a little....and after a few times was doing it all on her own.  And with ease.  I guess I just wanted to help her because she's my baby.  But becoming less of a baby as each days passes.

She was everywhere!  Fearless even.

And as a special treat...we stopped by the Nestle Tollhouse store for a cookie.  Parker got a chocolate covered marshmallow with sprinkles....

And we got Grace this mini cookie filled with icing.  She didn't really like it....and ended up eating part of my chocolate chip cookie, until....

Parker was done with her marshmallow and decided she wanted the rest of my cookie.  ;)

We came home to lots of laundry that needed to be folded.

We went to Kristin's for dinner and had cheeseburgers and cheese fries.  I am absolutely miserable from all the food we've eaten over the past 2 days.  I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about it.   Tomorrow we are all going to eat healthy!

Back to work tomorrow, but I'm working the day shift for the next 3 days instead of the night that's exciting (as exciting as work can get, ha!).  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness.. you were really nice about the makeup.. HAHAHA that made me laugh!!

And the food looked yummy too!!!

Viv said...

wonderful memories huh? Loved the make up and all the food was sure making me hungry!


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