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Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 years.

Four years ago 10:24pm.......Parker Ann was born.

She made me a mother for the first time.

My life was forever changed.  For the better.

Sometimes I still can't wrap my brain around the find that she's ours.

I guess every year that she has a birthday I become quite nostalgic on time and how fast it moves.

But this least this is what I think.....I got a little more emotional and sensitive about the whole thing.   Not really sure why.  She just seems like such a big girl.

So we had a fun day today and are having a family birthday gathering this coming Friday.  She was so excited for today and it was equally as exciting to watch her.  She is a little confused on the whole "today is her birthday".....but the party is on Friday and that she will still be 4!  She has said several times that she will be 5 because it will be her 'next' birthday.  :)

She'll figure it out....

So today.....

She woke up around 7:15.

We got up and went into the kitchen where she found 2 presents.  She was really excited even though her face does not necessarily show it.  She was ready to open her presents but had to wait until Geoff got in there.  She was so patient to wait though.

She began 'working' on one of them immediately.

Grace was asleep during the opening of presents.  And so we decided to get her up so we could all eat breakfast together.  This rarely happens....especially on Sunday mornings.

But we made it special.....pancakes with sprinkles....spread with butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Complete with 4 candles.

Trying to hold back her smile, but soaking in the fact that we were singing to her.

Sister jumped right on in and loved her pancakes.  But little toot didn't want her picture taken.

For as long as I can remember, I have always eaten my pancakes with powdered sugar.  Well, Grace saw Geoff's syrup ("surp") and wanted some and kept asking for "mur" (more).

After church, we headed to the Magic Time Machine.  I think Parker liked it.  She was most amazed the the different color lights in the bathroom.  Seriously- she was in awe of them.

They got a special treat called "potion" which consisted of fruit juices and sprite...and they got to pick their color.  She picked blue.  We let Grace have one, too, but she didn't really drink hers (which I was thankful for!).

Parker didn't eat much....I think because she was too excited.    But this girl sure did.

But after eating her salad and corn.....she went to town on my french fries and ranch dressing.

Such a silly girl.  This picture just makes me laugh outloud.

We were going to make an Ikea trip tomorrow, but since we were already out that ways a bit....we decided to go ahead and make the trip.  We had a good short trip, with meltdowns only occurring as we left.  I consider that a success.

I came home and began to finish up the cake the I had baked before we went to church.  It had set out while we were gone and was ready for icing and decorating.  I made this one pink and purple in honor of her favorite colors.

I decided to let my 2 best girls decorate the cake.  It was just for us, and we aren't big cake eaters anyway.

I just wish their faces were in focus instead of the cake, but I'll take what I can get.

This picture illustrates about how the decorating went.....Grace would push the m&m deep into the cake, and Parker would just gently drop them on top.

The finished product.  They had a good time and she it wasn't even too big of a mess since I had already iced the cake myself.

I saved one present for her to open later in the day....some Disney princess paper dolls.  She played with them some, but can't wait to really play with her when Grace is down for a nap.  Grace would walk up and grab one of the dolls and run away to me.  She was just doing it to aggravate.

We had baths, picked up the house, dinner, and birthday cake.

This cake didn't turn out as cute as my first rainbow cake.

I'm not sure what happened?  Maybe it is because my 1 year old was sticking her fingers in it?  Maybe it was the cake mix?  I don't know.

Regardless- I hope my girl loved her 4th birthday.  We sure did try to make it special.


Viv said...

Let me see if it will take my post today. Looks like she had a wonderful day, great pictures and wonderful memories being made. That first 4 years sure did go fast.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Parker Ann!!!
Aunt Sis loves you to pieces!!!

Loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!! The cake still did look yummy!!

Amy&Matt said...

I thought of Parker and you guys several times on the 18th, and then never sent you a text...friend fail. Happy belated birthday to sweet Parker. XOXO


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