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Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's go to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Well....we finally made it to the zoo!  And I say finally.....because we have been planning to go for years, I guess....and have just never made it.  It was always something.....too hot, too crowded.....and I wanted Geoff to go with us for our first time, too.

But today the stars aligned and we are so glad that we were able to go.  Like I said- we have always wanted to go.....but as we were there....and did and saw more and more....the more I kept thinking to myself, "We have been missing out!"  I was really so impressed with everything.  I know I have been to the zoo before, but it has probably been since I was a 20+ years.  Geoff and I had just as much fun, if not more, than the girls!  We are seriously considering family passes (some of my friends and sister already has them!).

About 5 minutes in, Parker said, "I love the zoo."  It was so sweet and sincere.  And Grace had her own fun, too.  It is a joy to watch both of their different stages in life and literally enjoy the heck out of something, but in totally different ways.

Why do I always have to have this long monologue before I get to my actual point???

The girls before walking in....

Grace was not having it.  I asked her is she was ready to go to the zoo, and she blatantly said, "No" while shaking her head.

We sat at the gorilla habitat for a while.  Just kind of in awe of them.  So big.  So many things that look like us!  Their hands....all 4 of them!  Ha!  Their feet have a thumb instead of a big toe, so they really have like 4 hands.  I'm sure you already know this.

It was as though that gorilla was staring straight through Geoff.

Parker had to keep up with the map.  Her choice, not ours.  At the beginning, she kept trying to move us along to go see the 'flamingos.'  Here- she is showing me where they are.  I'm not sure if she was making this up or not?

We ended up riding the monorail.  Not something we'll probably do again, but had to do since it was our first time.  Parker was excited to get on.....and minutes later was ready to get off.

When we got off the monorail.....the flamingos.  ;)

And my favorite- the elephants.  They've always been my favorite for whatever reason.  They are cute.  And so neat the control they have of their trunk.  (and on a side so so so very excited about Dumbo coming out tomorrow!!)

But a close running for my favorite were these giraffes......

One walked right up to us.  How neat it must have been for Parker to be eye to eye to such a creature.

One of the zoo workers let him rub his/her chin (jowl?).

Then we watched the lions as we ate.

We finally made it to the children's zoo.  By this time we were all tired, but nothing that a little water and play time didn't fix for a bit.

Luckily I brought a change of clothes.....only because I read that Kristin brought a change of clothes when she went to the zoo last week.

Parker did the pony ride.  I was so proud of her.  She's one that I never know how she'll end up being....she can be excited one minute, and then melting down the next.

Love this one.

I did try to sit Grace on the pony....and she told me no.  We walked out and I asked her again if she wanted to ride....and again she shook her head and so "no, no."

So the last thing we did was ride the carousel.

And of course....after the first ride they wanted to ride again.  Even Grace was saying, "Uh-gen" and pointing.

But we had decided that we were done for the day.....when a man walked up and gave us his 2 extra tickets.  He had 2 boys....the oldest rode with us the first time and the youngest decided not to.  So the oldest was going to ride again since the younger brother didn't use his ticket the first time....thus leaving the nice couple with 2 extra tickets.  So very sweet of them.  Definitely want to pay that forward.

Parker chose for us to ride in the 'nest'.....reminding me of the tea cups at Disney (although I do not think I have ever ridden the tea cups at Disney).  She had the best smile and laugh almost the entire ride.

We came home to a very clean house!  We had our house 'deep cleaned' today and we are loving it!  It forced us to pick up all the 'stuff' before they came and I even took a picture of my clean dining room table for proof....although as I typed this....the curtains I am making Parker and another 'project' I am working on for our gallery wall is taking up space in that area now.  ;)  Hey....I'm just trying to mark things off of my list.  ;)    

But I wish I would have been videoing Parker as we entered the house.  She was so loud....and excited....running from room to room....announcing how clean everything was.  Saying, "Look Mommy!  Look Daddy!"......and was especially excited at how they made her bed and placed all of her princesses so nice and neat on her pillow.   Geoff stated that she had a greater reaction to this than Christmas morning.  Sadly, he was right.  ;)

No scentsy wamers on tonight!  Just enjoying the good ole fashioned smell of a clean house.....because who knows when we will smell it again.  ;)

Looking forward to a relaxing day at home tomorrow.  Well- maybe not the relaxing part.....we have 2 kids.  But will be good to be home since we have been blowing and going for the past 2 days.....which has also been nice, but good to be home.


Kristin said...

Looks like lots of fun!!! Good job Parker on riding the pony!!! :)

Jodie said...

I still can't believe you hadn't been to the zoo! Anyway, it looks like you really enjoyed your day there. It is a great place for kids .And how exciting to get your house deep cleaned. I can almost remember that smell you speak of... :)

Mrs. Ramsey said...

I am glad you had a great first trip to the zoo. I think the passes are a must!

Viv said...

Looks like loads of fun was had by all. Proud of Parker for riding the pony too!


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