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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why daddy's are just more fun.....

Last Thursday we got a few good showers (very thankful for them, too).  We had just left the arboretum.....and I had a hair appointment so Geoff brought the girls home.

It wasn't until later that night when I was uploading pictures from the arboretum that he told me that Parker had wanted to play in the rain and so he let them.

See.......before this moment.....I'm not sure if I would have said the same thing as Geoff.  If Parker would have asked me....I probably would have said "no"....because a) it's 'messy', and b) it's too much 'work' on my part with them being wet and then needing new clothes and blablabla.

But when I saw these pictures- I immediately though, "How fun is that.  What a great memory for them."

{I didn't even ask to make sure it wasn't thundering because I am sure he knows better.}  ;)


Kristin said...

That's hilarious. Grace looked so cute with no pants on!!

Viv said...

Daddy's little girls...loved it!


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