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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday Night

Tonight was our first night to go to church on Wednesday.  ;)

Parker is now old enough to participate in AWANA and choir.  I started talking to her about it last week.  (becuase giving her more than a week in advance of looking forward to something is detrimental to my health  ;)

She has been excited about choir......where she gets to go sing.  And AWANA.....where I told her that she would get to go and do 'projects.'

She loves 'projects'.

It's what we do.

When I take the time to plan.

And she is so disappointed when I don't.

Which happens more often than not.  But I am trying to get better.  ;)

Anyway......she was having a little difficulty.....or maybe just more questions.....about what was going to happen at church.  Because until tonight- we have only gone on Sundays.....where she goes to Sunday school.....can sometimes go to big church with us.....then more often than not.....lunch with Gramma and Poppa.

So she had some questions like, 'Are we going to go eat with Gramma and Poppa after my class?"  "Why will it be time for night night when we leave church?"  Etc.

When getting ready she asked if she had to wear her 'church clothes.'  I told her no, but she insisted, and I surely didn't argue.

I decided I wanted to wear lace up shoes.....and so I decided to where this pair of striped socks t hat are a thinner fabric than my normal Old Navy ankle socks.....that I picked up at Costco a few weeks back for a good price.

And so while I was putting my socks on....Parker said, "I want to wear socks with stripes like you."

And so she took her little self into her room ......

And came out wearing her socks with stripes.  ;)

I was trying to get a picture of only Parker's feet....and so, of course, they pose together.  Which is normally what I ask for.  Except....when I normally ask for this, they do not delivery!

Then Parker wanted to take a picture, and I let her.  I think she's pretty good.  ;)

We had a good first night.  These nights end 8:15.....which is past their normal early bedtime.  I took their jammies and got them dressed before leaving the parking lot.  But they didn't fall asleep on the way home.

But my sweet girl was singing a new song on the way home.

Totally worth it.


Jodie said...

So excited you all went! And I, of course, LOVE the socks!

Viv said...

Loved all the pics and glad ya'll did go. Cannot wait to hear her sing either....


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