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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


19 is the number of projects in pictures below..... that I have started and not yet completed.

5 is the number of 'projects' I have started and not completed and are not pictured.

And 359 is the number of ideas swimming around in my head at any given time.  Blogs have done this to me.  Pinterest has done this to me.  Too many neat ideas out there and not enough time to do them!

So this is what I have documented.......

These rocks that I need to finish painting the solid color.....then add a letter to each rock for the alphabet.....then spray paint with a clear finish to keep from chipping.  (Idea from here.)

I had completely forgotten about this!  I bought this fabric....and actually cut it for a quilt along.  I really hope to finish it sometime......

I got these foam boards last week in hopes of getting a few displays organized for teaching Parker a few things.  We aren't putting her in a real preschool this year, and so I wanted to do a few more structured things.  Trying not to rush it and get my thoughts sorted.....but still.  There are a few 'projects' just in this shot alone!

{this is embarrassing}.  My friend, Erin, had a baby boy back in February and my mom embroidered his name on this snuggly fabric.  I was just supposed to finish it off by sewing the blanket together.  Well....I had some issues sewing that type of fabric....and still haven't really figured it out (tips are welcome!).  Sorry Erin!  One day.  ;)  {eventhough she is now in the Dominican Republic!!!}

My 'painting'/art project.  Not really sure what to call it.  I am almost done with it.  Just need to finish a few spots.....then clean it up a bit where I smeared/got outside of the lines.  It might be an hour's worth of work.  Not sure why I am dragging my feet.  I think, partly, it's because the place I thought I was going to put it, is not the place now.  And so- I don't really know where I'm going to put it. So I walk by it daily trying to decide.

I drug the girls in this 100+ degree heat last week to Joann's to pick up these fabrics for these special bean bags I want to make.  I had totally planned to do it that night.  But alas.  These fabrics are still sitting in this exact same spot.  ;)

Oh my goodness!!!  I really want to finish this!  This is essentially the first thing I ever sewed.  Grace's quilt.  It still needs to be quilted and I wanted to quilt it myself.  I'm just going to have to schedule a time and just let everything else go and complete it!

I got these fabrics a few weeks ago.  Was really excited about them, too.  Going to add in some zebra print with one of the pairs and some black and white hounds tooth with the other.  Was going to come home that night and sew the girls a new dress for church.  Again.....nothing doing.

I also ordered this ruffled fabric.....I think maybe almost 2 months ago.  I had planned/may still make a ruffled pettiromper for Grace to take her 18 month pictures in.  She is now 19 months and 4 days old.  This fabric has been unscathed.

I recently got this fabric for some Christmas outfits for the girls.  You know....this fabric just goes so fast and then they run out of it in August and don't get anymore in (for some of the patterns, at least).  Good thing is....I have enough for both girls' dresses!  So this next picture holds 2 'projects' outfit for each girl.

I have at least cut the following fabrics for a twirl skirt I plan to make for Parker's Halloween outfit.  Just need to do a more figuring on some of my measurements and then sew.

I made this outfit (actually- Kristin may have done this for me).....and wanted it to be ready for Parker to wear last fall.  Still need to finish the elastic thread gathering on one of the arms and sew the casing for the elastic in the pants.  I hope this still fits her so she can wear it this year!

I was really excited about this reversible A-line dress.  My mom embroidered Grace's initials on the front.  Initially- I had cut the dress out wrong.......cutting out 2 back pieces as opposed to one back piece and one front piece.  That was frustrating.  Then- I sewed on the jumbo ric-rac.  On the wrong side.  Sometimes when I work on things and just keep messing them up, I just have to put them aside.  Well I have.  This dress is a 12 month size and Grace is now 18-24 months!  I do want to finish it (soon) and think that it might fit her because sometimes these patterns are really forgiving and allow for quite a bit of growth.  We'll see.....

I also picked up this Christmas fabric last week.  I think I know what I want to do with it.....

I roll my eyes at myself for this next one.  This is the fabric for Parker's curtains that I want to make.  I just had to go that day to get it.  Well.....still on the roll and in the wrapper.  Almost makes me mad at myself.  I think my thinking is (very little.  ha!)....seriously though.....I think I go ahead and go get all of this stuff so that on the off chance I have the time or motivation to do that project, I'll have everything that I need.

More fabric for another dress idea I have.....

Another dress....already cut out.....and ready to be sewn.  It would maybe take me an hour?   But it's just sitting there.

Another little outfit 'half' completed....

I got these canvases about a month ago.  I want to use a few of them to transfer a few images onto them using.....

.....this stuff....  Just needed to decide on the images and then move forward.

And lastly- but certainly not least, (and is not even included in the 19 aforementioned).....the office.  It is out of control.  Embarrassing.  (yet I still choose to share it on the internet?).  I have started working on organizing it.  Again.  I got quite a bit done in an hour this morning when Geoff ran to the store with the girls.  It was good to make a little head way.  Hope I can get a litle more done tomorrow.

So the point in all of this?  One day last week I was just getting really frustrated on all of the stuff that I want to do and get done....and how little time I have to do it.  Then I had to laugh.  And I started taking pictures of all of my unfinished projects.  It's not really funny.  I'm partially mad at myself for not just finishing some of the ones that really wouldn't take me that long or before starting something else.  On the other hand.....I hope this serves as motivation to knocking a few things out soon.  Maybe this will give me a little accountability.  I know no one cares, but myself.  But still.

And yet- among this all....I still want to do more!

Does anyone else have these issues???  Ha!  ;)


Its Me Again Margaret said...

Your post sums up all of my thought! I just have them everywhere. I started recovering Emma's carseat cover and have not finished! I pin tons of stuff on Pinterest and laugh because I know there is no time to create them! And these blogs are so fun to keep up with that I have not even really done anything with mine! Lots of blog posts I want to write but seem to never write them!

Kristin said...

Wow!! Lots of stuff to do!!

How does that image thing work on a canvas?? Like a picture you took??

Man, I really should get that black ruffely material and make a dress for Payton for Kelly's wedding.

Snider Family said...

We will be home Oct. 31 for almost a whole month. We can get the blanket then, I love it and I want it! We use his burp cloth you made him all the time. In fact, I should take a picture of how faded it is now and send it to you!

Keep the ideas coming! We all use them too! :)

Emily said...

such cute projects! I hope you find time and motivation to sit and work on them. I think you may have an obsession with buying fabrics! :) at least it's healthy!

Heather said...

I feel like I could do a post that would just about equal yours! I have many projects started right now that need to be finished. But what am I doing...reading blogs!!!

Viv said...

oh sweet girl, you have a lot going on. A family, a home, a job. I don't know when you would sleep ever if you got everything done. Sorry that I have 'zero' talent or would be happy to help you!


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