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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B is for....

We did the letter B back in June and I am just now getting to post!  Good news is- I am actually posting it.  Bad news is- we haven't done any letters since!

But here it is....

We used some printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler.....

For this one....we used her Power Magnets to outline the letter B.

If memory serves (and it very well may not)....I believe this was a Butterfly that I let her attempt to cut out.  ;)

Then lacing the Butterfly.....

So we did a few other of her activities......but I didn't get those pictures.  We did some writing activities and used her Do-a-dots.  (I have also seen these at Hobby Lobby and Michael's)

For our big letter B activity.....we did B is for Bandaid!  She absolutely loved this.  It's like stickers, but funner.  haha. (I know that is totally not grammatically correct).

Good fine motor practice though.

In this middle of this....we took an ice cream sandwich break!

The finished product....

We also made a sail Boat using shapes.  I got this idea from No Time For Flashcards.


One day- Geoff helped me out.  I had used food coloring and vinegar to die farfalle "butterfly" pasta the night before.....and the next day he let the girls play with it.

Love this one....

And they made turkey Bacon!

Blueberries....   (at least Grace ate the food.  Ha!)

And they made Blueberry muffins....

And.....I found these pictures from the same morning.....chocolate.  Ummm....that word doesn't start with a B.......

We did a little bit more than what I have pictured, but this all I got!


Now off to watch The Bachelorette.  I've somehow managed to make it 2 days past the finale and don't know the 'actual' ending.  I have speculations (thanks, Geoff).....  ;)


To see more of our letter activities, go here.


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Snider Family said...

This is the reason I need you to do letters before me! We are doing B this week, had BLT's yesterday and I didn't even think B. And we always have fun with Band-Aids and I didn't even think about that either. I will have to do the boat activity this weekend, good one!

I laughed out loud at chocolate, wait, that doesn't start with B!

But C does, so hop to it! :)

Viv said...

B was beautiful, best, better! Loved them all! Loved Grace's hands after the chocolate too!

Megan said...

So fun!! I can't wait to come back to your posts and do these things with H! And, how do you have everything laminated? Goodness you are organized! :-)

Those pictures of Parker holding the tongs are some of my all time favorites. She is just getting so big and just beautiful!

Kristin said...

Looks like lots of FUN activities!! Enjoyed all of the pictures!!!


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