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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grace @ 20 months. {and Grace @ 18 months} ;)

This past Monday, Grace turned 20 months.

It's funny {to me}  a way- that with Parker (my first)....I documented each month for her first 24.  If someone would ask how old she was, I knew it right off the bat.

With Grace....I usually have to think about it....or....I just say...She's one.  Or almost 2.  Whichever.

Anyway- I did write up a post on 18 months, but never published because I was going to get some pictures of her.  Well- that never happened.  And now- she is 20 months (4 months away from TWO)....and I have no pictures again.  But the post must go on.

@ 20 months:
  • We have not officially started potty training.....but for the past 2 weeks....she uses the potty almost every day.  Sometimes it's me asking....and other times it's her telling.  She totally started this, not me.  And I just try to encourage as it goes.  The other morning she did so well....went 3 times the whole morning in the potty....then had an accident.  So after the accident....she's done with underwear and demands a diaper.  So I don't feel at this age I should chase her around and force it on her.  So we'll just go with the flow for now.
  • She wears size 24 month clothes, size 4 diapers.
  • Wakes between 7 and 8am.  To bed around 7:45-8pm.  Goes down for her afternoon nap about 1pm and usually will sleep 2-2.5 hours, give or take.
  • She loves to sing Twinkle, Twinkle and the ABCs.  It's funny, too, because since they are sung to the same tune....she'll sing one verse Twinkle, Twinkle, and then next verse "eh em en uh uh" {for l-m-n-o-p}.
  • She thinks she is SO big.  She wants to do everything her sister does.
  • When she's playing by herself....we have often times found her putting her doll/Elmo in time out "i'm out!" as she says.
  • Her favorite word, "NO!"
  • It has seriously happened over the past few days.  She has, obviously, never been perfect.  But over the last few days.....she has really started testing us.  She'll be doing something....we tell her no.....she looks at us a smirk....does it again!  Whereas before- she would usually stop whatever it was that she was doing.  I'll tell ya.....I don't think that I'm ready for 2 smart-mouthed kids!  Ha!  She's testing us....and I had to remind us this earlier today so we can {try} to nip this in the bud soon.  So there were a few times outs today and some hand spats.  ;)
  • Another favorite thing that she says these days is, "Ut er ou doin momma?" (what are you doing Momma?"  It's so cute.  And then we'll answer her, and she'll say, "Oh."  Every. Time.  ;)
  • She is still having a hard time going into her Sunday school class.  We started going to church when she was 4 months old.....she has hardly missed a Sunday since.  And now, for the past few weeks, have started going Wednesday nights....and she cries just about the whole time unless one of the sweet ladies is holding her.  But I'm sure, in time, it will get better, and we will have to pry her away.
  • I think at 18 months she was definitely more of a Daddy's girl.  But now- she seems to be more neutral......wanting whoever she wants when the mood strikes.  ;)
  • Loves her Aunt Sis.  Which normally just comes out "SiiiiS!
I know there's more, but will have to add later.  It's hard to 'dump' it all at one sitting, but I figure if I at least get this much, it's better than nothing.

And so is Grace @ 18 months.

  • You love your daddy.  She loves her momma, too,.....but they have something special.  If she falls and bumps her head....8 times out of 10 she'll choose Geoff.  If we are both home for bedtime....about half the time (maybe even more, really) she will choose him to put her down.  To be honest- it breaks my heart a lot of the time....but on the same token- it's really so sweet and I'm glad he gets to feel 'chosen'.  Haha.  Because Parker 99.9% of the time chooses me!  Haha!
  • You love your sister.  "Monkey see, monkey do" is about the best way to put it.  ;)  It's so fun to watch the 2 of you together.  You already think you're so big because you think that you need to do all that your sister is doing.  You also know how to push her buttons.....and you do! 
  • You pick up dead bugs and bring them to me and say, "Wook!  A buh!"  Thank you, sweet thing.  ;)
  • When you wake up.  When we come get you out of your crib in the morning or after nap- the first thing you usually say is, "heirs darter?" ("Where's Parkers").....followed by "Ah uhnt darter!" (I want Parker)....followed by "heirs dadda?" (where's Daddy?").  Then you usually make us hold you for a least until we feed you breakfast or a snack. :)
  • What you wear.  Wear size 4 diapers.  Can wear 18 month clothes.....but I'm starting to put you in 24 months clothes and I am thinking this is a better fit.  ;) 
  • I think you wear about a size 5 shoe.  And I say 'about' a size 5 because you are definitely out of the 4s...but the 6s are maybe too big...but then some 5s are too small?
  • What ails you.  You have exzema pretty bad on your feet.  We can keep it under control if we put the medication on as presribed.  ;)  But sometimes when I am gone to work for a few days, then this might not get done. ....;)
  • To eat You still love to eat!  I guess if I had to pick of your favorite foods it would be yogurt.  The rest is hit or miss.  Last week you LOVED cantaloupe.  This week- you throw it on the floor.  That's what you do.....if you do not like or want something- you quickly remove it from your plate on either a) the table, or b) the floor.  Usually the latter.
  • What you say.  You love to tell is "No!"  You are very head strong.
  • You do not like us to brush your teeth.  You want to 'brush' your own teeth....but we have a rule where we (me or Daddy) brushes first, and you brush second.  We have litterally had to hold you down the past few times.  And to think....about a month ago you'd just sit there and let us hold you and you'd open your mouth and let us brush them with no problem.
  • Your behavior.  You have recently hit a little defiant/hornery/not very nice/moody streak.  Sweet baby, please come back soon.  ;)
  • A list of some of the words you say....we can understand these, though some may not diaper (biper),
  • When I ask her where daddy is...she says with a bold voice..."At wor!!!" (At work!)...and even has a semi-scowl on her face.
  • Our bedtime routine:  Word World at about 7pm (you don't really watch, but run around being silly, we may read books, play with something, or have a bedtime snack). Brush teeth (or an attempt) at about 7:30.  We recently started going into Parker's room where she will 'read' you a book.  Then I take you into your room....and we gather all of your dolls- Dolly (Dah), Snow White (Wo Whi), and Minnie Mouse (Mih-Mouh)....and yes- you ask for all 3....and you hold ALL 3 of them and lay your head down on my shoulder.  I stand holding you....rocking and swaying....for about a minute....then lay you down.  Most of the time you do not make a peep, but if you do, it is very short-lived.
18 month stats (which were really her 19 months stats because I was late making her appointment........
Height: 31 3/4 (50th percentile)
Weight: 24.4 lbs (55th percentile)
FOC: 48cm (90th percentile)  (funny.....just a few days before her appointment...Kristin said.....she's getting bigger.....her head looks bigger)  lol.

She also failed her vision screen for the second time so she has now been referred to an opthomologist.  I'm not really too worried about it.  It has always kind of been a 'fear' of mine that she wouldn't have good vision....because she has some other features of mine (her crooked teeth and this stain on her front to that she has had since her teeth came in)....but I try not to worry about it because I have been wearing glasses and/or contacts since I was 3 and it wasn't the worst thing in the world.  ;)  She also failed her hearing screen for the first time, so she has not been referred to an audiologist for this yet.  (Parker was referred when she was 18 months, and everything turned out fine we'll just do what we need to do if the occasion arises.

Hopefully I'll have a post full of sweet pictures of her soon.  ;)

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Viv said...

Bottom line is she is a perfect little baby girl!


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