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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gone fishin'.

Yesterday- our family, Kristin's family, and my mom and Terry- all went to Canton to fish on some property that Terry's aunt and uncle own.  My mom and Terry have been wanting to take us for years, but it never seemed to work out.  So a few weeks ago....we set the date!

I'll try to make this post similar to my last post: few words......lots of pictures!

My mom walking with Parker and Payton up to the little house for a restroom break.

Walking back....

When I looked at this pictures.....I immediately chuckled and thought...."ohh....I am such a dork."  hahaha

Grace is checking out the minnows...

And she was very interested.  She would have reached into the bucket if we would have let her (and I know this because she tried!).

Here is Phil....walking up after catching the first fish of the day.

(He did throw it back because it was too little to keep.)

Parker......being shy and not letting me take her picture.

Love this one....

Geoff's first catch.....pond scum.  Hehe.  ;)

Uncle Phil fishing with Parker's princess fishing pole.  ;)  (but I have to say.....her pole did catch one of the few caught of the day!)

It was really a great day.  I was a bit nervous about how the kids would do.....but really- they all did great.  It was nice to get out into the country and breath in the fresh air.  Can't wait to go back.

We came cleaned up really fast.....and headed to Mi Cocina.  I had the spinach enchiladas and I thought they were so good.  I am actually really craving them right now as I type this.  ;)

I think Grace may have enjoyed herself, as well.

Parker was so good and sweet.

Then headed to Costco.....

And last.....but certainly not least......we headed to Braum's.  Parker got a 'pink' ice cream just like Pinkalicious.  Geoff and I split a banana split (with Grace).

We were so. tired.  I went to bed at 10 and slept until 8......and I still woke up with puffy eyes and so tired.  Maybe I slept too much.  I normally get about half of that sleep each night!  ;)


Viv said...

All the pics were great and David and I laughed at the 'princess fishing pole story'. he had fished in a little fishing tournament on Sat in Celina with Zane, they won 1st & 3rd place & the most fish that were caught was on Zeke's Spider Man rod & reel. Must be something to that huh?

Jodie said...

I love how happy your mom looks walking with Payton and Parker :)


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